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8 Exfoliate Products For Dry, Oily & Sensitive Skin Types!

Exfoliating Facial Products

Top 8 Exfoliate Products

We researched the industry’s top exfoliate products and came up with an extensive list to help you find exactly what you’re looking for based on your skin type. Below is our list of exfoliate products we strongly believe will be beneficial to you. 

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1. Brickell Renewing Facial Scrub For Men:

It has a super strong formula containing pumice loaded with natural ingredients to help restore your Skin, while removing dead cells with a nice and refreshing Aroma making Brickell renewing face scrub one of the most highly recommended facial products for exfoliation in the barbering industry.

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2. Kyoku Exfoliating Facial Scrub:

The properties of this contain ingredients that are known to fight acne and controlling breakouts, Fusing ancient herb therapy with modern science is also include sun-protection properties which a lot of exfoliation scrubs do not have.  making this project I deal for dry skin during the summer heat.

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3. Jack Black face buff scrub:

has invigorating, refreshing and uplifting properties with a deep cleansing scrub that removes the congestion from your pores with an invigorating scent

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4. Rugged Dapper Facial Cleanser:

This product is especially great for men with sensitive skin best for reducing the development of acne call Meadowlands while clarifying and restoring the balance to your skin 

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#5 M3 Natural Charcoal Scrub:

Charcoal scrub does wonderful things when it comes to purifying the skin is safe and effective charcoal scrub can also be used for body use as well as your face.

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#6 Neutrogena Deep Clean Exfoliation Scrub:

Get a long lasting shine, this daily exfoliating facial scrub helps cleanse and exfoliate the skin. combating oil throughout the day. Specially formulated for oily skin, this gentle face scrub exfoliates and goes deep into pores to help clear out impurities and oil for a shine-free complexion that lasts for hours.

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#7 ACURE – Brightening Facial Scrub:

This Exfoliant is 100% plant-based with ingredients such as; organic sea kelp, French green clay, organic lemon peel, This all natural scrub is vegan and free of sulfates.

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#8 Biotique Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub:

This exfoliating scrub is blended with pure walnut oil, rich in Vitamin A and lecithin, extracts of Neem, mint and more! This Scrub is perfect for restoring your skin and smoothing rough textures.

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Find Your Skin Type

Everyone has a different skin type and each person will need their our type of exfoliating products to best suite their needs, we put a list together explaining the different types of skin, and what exfoliation product will work best for you!

 Oily Skin.

 When it comes to dealing with oily skin you want to find a facial scrub that can penetrate deeply into your pores and prevent clogging but also one that can balance out your skin in oil production the lytic acid is an ingredient to look for when it comes to exfoliation for oily skin because it is known to be a deep cleansing agent while cooling skin redness.

We highly recommend:Brickell Renewing Face scrub.” or  “Neutrogena Deep Cleaner For Oily Skin

Sensitive Skin. 

When it comes to sensitive skin you want to find a facial scrub that uses enzymes to exfoliate look for products that are labeled hypoallergenic or allergy tested. also, keep in mind the texture found in the facial scrub, try looking for a smooth and easy to smear almost cream-like,  try to avoid rough sand textures found in facial scrubs because those are usually more harmful to people with sensitive skin.

If this sounds like you then we highly recommend:

 The “Rugged & Dapper Facial Cleanser helps clarify imbalances in the skin, giving you a youthful and healthy overall look and feel.

Or, “ACURE – Brightening Facial Scrub” This Exfoliation is 100% plant-based with ingredients such as organic sea kelp, French green clay, organic and lemon peel. This all-natural scrub is vegan and free of sulfates.

Dry Skin.

Dry skin gives the appearance of flaking dead skin cells some other signs might be small red or even larger patches a feeling of tightness after washing your face which is usually due to over washing a sense of dullness or roughness on the surface of your skin.

If you fall in line with dry skin. we recommend you using:

Kyoku Exfoliating Facial Scrub” because of the sun protection properties, and modern Herb’s therapy this will be your best bet when it comes to dealing with the challenges of dry skin.

Another alternative would be the “Biotique Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub” This exfoliating scrub is blended with pure walnut oil, rich in Vitamin A and lecithin, extracts of Neem, mint, and more! This Scrub is perfect for restoring your skin and smoothing rough textures.

Normal Skin.

People with “Normal skin” are people that don’t have neither dry, sensitive, or oily skin.  Having normal skin allows you to choose any type of facial scrub, not based on your biology but rather your choice to pick and choose which product is best for you.  freely choose a facial scrub with an open mind, without having to worry about certain ingredients that could be irritating toward your skin-type.

ingredients in exfoliating scrubs

Key Ingredients Found In Exfoliators:

Jojoba Beads:

Are specifically designed exfoliating, non-abrasive exfoliant made up of all-natural ingredients these small polished and round beads Work great for people with sensitive skin these small beads Jet Li Buffalo way dead skin cells. the jojoba beads are so sensitive that you can even wash your face and lips with them just try to avoid  any eye contact as with most exfoliants for that matter.

Pumice Crystals:

Although Jojo beads can be used for all skin types because of the level of sensitivity found in the exfoliant. Pumas crystals work in microdermabrasion what is used to remove dullness fine lines and problematic pores. This ingredient is great for people who do not have sensitive skin and want a stronger exfoliation for a deeper cleanse.

Bioelements Herbology:

Is an exfoliant that physically and chemically exfoliates your skin.  They consist of 4 Chinese herbs that are known to smooth, refined, and add radians to your face. herbology when used on the surface of your skin wipes away at the surface, removing dulling skin cells. These ingredients are water-soluble granules that under enough friction absorb into your skin, Releasing a natural chemical exfoliation that dissolves any dead skin cells left over.

Lactic Acid:

More gentle than glycolic acid,  lactic acid is derived from plants and milk. Depending on how much you dilute lactic acid,  this natural acid can even be used for people with sensitive skin. this ingredient is versatile, which professionals being able to use larger dosages to create chemical peels found in most Beauty professions and services.

Glycolic Acid:

Is a powerful exfoliant that is much stronger than lactic acid, this is the heavy duty version best used for problematic pores and challenging dull skin. The same goes for glycolic acid,  as with lactic acid, depending on the percentage you want to add to your exfoliation. Glycolic acid can be used for sensitive skin or chemical peels.

BHA Exfoliant:

Otherwise known as “Beta Hydroxy Acid” this refers to “Salicylic Acid”.  This exfoliant works best when it comes to penetrating pores and removing various impurities on the skin. BHA Also helps to normalize the skin lining that contributes to acne call Von having anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. BHA exfoliant is the number one choice for people with acne-prone skin. 

Multi-Fruits Acid:

Multifruit acids natural exfoliant in one of the gentlest AHA or “Alpha Hydroxy Acid” around. These acids are derived from natural substances such as grapes, milk, sugarcane, and many more. they work as an intercellular glue that holds our skin together, allowing for the skin to continue with a natural “skin-shedding” process AHA’s are also known for rejuvenation properties when it comes to aging skin.

Citric Acid:

Natural Acid derived from fruits with high levels of Acidity. This type of acid dissolves the top layer of skin to create much more lively and smoother surfaces. Citric acid works great when it comes to addressing anti-aging concerns while removing congestion located at the skin’s surface.

***IMPORTANT*** When it comes to exfoliating ingredients it’s always best to choose the most natural ingredients such as sugars, cornmeal Walnut shell powder, coffee oats, etc. Stay away from anything or artificial or anything that doesn’t have an organic base. These Harsh Facial Exfoliators could damage your skin or cause irritation. 


Well, guys, that concludes this article of the Top 8 Exfoliate Products along with a list of their key ingredients. We hope that this list serves you well and helps you to determine the best exfoliate for your skintype.


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