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7 Ways To Grow A Thicker Beard | Backed By Science!

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7 Ways to Grow A Thicker Beard 

At some time of your life, you’ve seen photos of men with lovely, thick beards, and all you could do was to admire them.

While some people have genes that accelerate beard growth, some people, on the other hand, struggle to get thicker beards.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have those genes because there are several ways that you can grow and improve your beard thickness.

This article will cover the best tips to grow a thicker beard that you can start doing right away all facts provided here are scientifically proven to work!

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1. Taking Supplements:

Taking a well-balanced diet will stimulate your beard growth.

If you want your beards to grow faster, you can consider getting vitamin supplements. You should note that the time you take to see the results vary, and some people may see faster results while others may delay.

If you take a sufficient dose of supplements, your beards will grow faster.

The vitamin supplements do not only increase the beards’ thickness but also will help in filling the patchy spots.

Taking vitamins like VitaBeard improves your facial hair growth.

Taking vitamins such as zinc, iron, vitamin D, Vitamin E, and copper plays a vital role in getting thicker beards.

Vitamin D is critical in activating the dormant hair follicles.

Biotin is among the best vitamin B that accelerates the production of keratin, which is responsible for hair growth.

If you have a deficiency in biotin, you can get brittle, thin hair.

Taking the right amount of biotin will influence your hair and beards growth. If you are wondering which is the right amount of biotin to make, you should at least take 5000 to 10,000 Mcg of biotin.

The best thing about biotin is apart from enhancing the growth of your beard, your nail texture will improve.

Excess biotin in the body is excreted via urine and sweat.

Before buying the vitamin supplement, you should consult your physician.

Man exercising at the gym

2. Exercising

Did you know that you can increase your beard thickness by exercising?

If you invest in exercise, you will improve the blood circulation in your body, which in turn increases the provision of the necessary nutrients needed for hair growth.

You can invest in cardio workouts, running, cycling, brisk walking, which will increase the production of testosterone.

Hormone testosterone maintains healthy follicles and hair growth.

Exercises increase not only testosterone but also a hormone called dihydrotestosterone.

DHT promotes linear hair growth which in turn makes the beards to be thicker and curlier.

For you to get the most from exercising, you should consider getting a personal trainer, who will help you to perform the exercises correctly.

If it is your first time doing yoga, you should start slowly to avoid the possibility of injuring yourself.

Constant activities boost your metabolism, which in return, accelerates hair growth.

The exercise also promotes your body’s recovery, which helps in replenishing your skin and hair.

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3. Using Minoxidil

Grow a thicker beard quickly and easily by using minoxidil.

The drug was first introduced to manage high blood pressure.

Although minoxidil has shown good results in treating high blood pressure, the drug had the side effect of promoting hair growth.

After showing excellent results in hair growth, the drug was approved by the FDA to be used as a hair-growth product.

A study showed that minoxidil was effective in promoting hair growth.

Minoxidil works as a potassium channel opener, and in return, stimulates the circulation of blood of the hair follicles.

The blood circulation allows the hormones and nutrients to reach the hair root, thus making the hair grow thicker and faster.

Minoxidil also is used to prolong the anagen phase of hair growth.

This drug works by stimulating propagandist synthase, an enzyme that improves the immune system.

Minoxidil works by stimulating the follicles that are already present in your face.

Choosing the right type of minoxidil is very important.

There are two types of minoxidil that you can use; these are minoxidil liquid and minoxidil foam.

Minoxidil liquid is cheaper compared to minoxidil foam because it has polypropylene glycol, which is very important in transporting the ingredients in the body.

This component is also responsible for evenly distributing minoxidil all over the beard area.

On the other hand, minoxidil foam, although very expensive, is beneficial for the growth of thicker beards.

Unlike minoxidil liquid, minoxidil foam doesn’t contain propylene glycol that causes skin irritation.

Many reviewers and users found out that the two minoxidil gives similar results, but minoxidil foam is preferred by men who want to get thicker beards.

4. Using Beard Oil

If you are there and struggling to get those thick beards, you should consider getting the beards oil. Beards oil has many benefits, whether you would like to make your beards thick or not.

If you have never heard of beard oil, it is a mixture of essential oils that you apply as a leave-in product for your beards and skin.

The beard oil can be used from when your beards are small to the time you feel that they have reached the right thickness.

Apart from making your beards thick and shiny, beard oil helps in managing the itchiness that is caused by shaving.

The oil also helps in softening your beards, thus making them more manageable.

The oil heals the skin below the beards, which in return reduces the chances of getting patchy growth.

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Technically, beard oil does not change your beards’ growth rate.

What the oil does is create conducive conditions that make your beards thrive.

The oil treats issues that may prevent your beard follicles from nourishing your beards.

You should choose the best quality beard oil if you want your beards to grow faster and healthier.

man with a hat and thick beard

5. Undergoing Hormone Therapy

You can build thicker beards if you undergo hormone therapy.

Now that you have learned how testosterone plays a vital role in beard growth, you should consider knowing how to deal with testosterone deficiency.

It is essential to understand that the levels of testosterone decrease with age.

As you age, it becomes harder for your beards to grow thick and full.

Now that the production of testosterone had decreased, you should consider undergoing testosterone therapy.

This therapy is an excellent option to restore your facial hair, which has been damaged by underlying causes like deficiency of hormones.

You can receive therapy in various forms.

It can be through injection, taking tablets or capsules, or even by using hormonal creams.

Like any other therapy, hormonal treatment has its side effects.

Some of the side effects are fluid retention, increased urination, acne, or raised cholesterol levels.

Before undergoing hormonal therapy, you should first consult your physician.

6. Start Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is a secret that many people don’t know helps grow a thicker beard.

Micro-needling is done using a fascinating tool called Derma Roller.

This beard roller is a wheel that contains hundred of needles that poke some micro-punchers into your skin surface.

The needles trigger the body to start healing them by allowing more blood circulation, which in return carries essential nutrients and hormones to the beards.

In 2013, there was research published that showed that micro-needling resulted in thicker hair growth in the beard areas.

The scientists argued that the needling stimulated the stem cells that are related to the growing follicles, thus enhancing blood circulation.

By circulating the rollers in the beard areas, you stimulate collagen and keratin production.

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7. Using L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

If you have never heard of carnitine, it is an amino acid that has a crucial role in energy production.

This amino acid works by shuttling the fatty acids present to mitochondria, and they are, in return, oxidized to get energy.

This study showed that through this mechanism, carnitine promotes beards growth and thickness, and also enhances the hair diameter.

When using carnitine, you increase your hair follicle energy reserves, and that means that more beards can shift into active anagen growth that results in growing a thicker beard.

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Carnitine is bound into a specific type of salt.

Not only does L-carnitine L-Tartrate supplies more energy to the beards, but also it activates the androgen receptors that enhance sensitivity.

If you consume 2g/day of LCLT, you will realize that this amino acid will increase the androgen receptor sensitivity, which in return, will make the beards thick.

For these amino acids to be useful, they first need to enter your DNA, and they need an androgen receptor to bind. L-Carnitine makes the binding process to be more accessible by making the beards androgen receptors sensitive.

When the androgen receptor is vulnerable, the actual growth hormone will be triggered, thus regulating the growth of the beard.

Although the beard density is determined by genetics, it does not mean that you can’t improve the thickness of your beards. The above-shared ways to boost the thickness of your beard are scientifically proven, and you can try them. It is essential to know that growing your beards can take some time, so you should be patient. If you follow these tricks correctly, your beards will look fuller and healthier.


It’s possible to grow a thicker beard in our modern times, but finding the right products is key to getting the best results.

Using Beard oils, Vitamins & Tools to stimulate beard growth can be useful towards getting a strong and full-looking beard!


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