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7 Stylish Watches For The Working Class!

7 of the most fashionable watches for men

A watch is a mechanical timepiece worn by a individual person around their wrist with a metal or leather band. Modern watches can display the time, dates and months on the face of the watch for additional convince.

What is the use of a wristwatch?

Besides keeping track of time intervals, watches have become a staple accessory for many professional outfits and attires.

Over the years, watches have evolved and can do a lot more than their primitive functions.

However, classic stylized watches and their take on sophistication will never go out of style.

Even the most modernly designed and expensive watches fail to capture the essence and simplicity of the classic wristwatch.

Moreover, many people prefer wearing classic wristwatches over a digital timepieces.

stylish watch can tie together an outfit to make it appear more professional and put together.

Stylish Watches Worn By Professionals:

To establish trust at first impression, many people wear clothes that imply professionalism.

We’ll be recommending seven fashionable and classy watches that barbers would love!

1. Fossil Men’s Stainless Steel and Leather Townsman Watch

Starting on the list is the Fossil Men’s Townsman Watch. As it garnered over a thousand five-star ratings, it’s no wonder the Amazon’s Choice label sits beside the name.

In a barbershop setting, the vintage look of leather is pleasing and professional at a glance. Since the Fossil Townsman centers the design towards brown accents and leather materials, wearing it would be an excellent experience. With two vertically-aligned sub-dials, it meets Fossil’s aim to link the design to the American creativity from the 1960s architectural and automotive era.

The watch has a 44mm case size, 22mm band size, and runs on Quartz movement. Besides, when hair spraying, it can withstand splashes thanks to the water resistance up to 165 feet. If you’re looking for a vintage yet classy look, this one is hard to beat.

2. Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

Yes, leather suits the barbershop setting well; however, it doesn’t mean that other finishes aren’t great. If you agree, then the Michael Kors Lexington Watch is a fantastic option. Considering the staggering five thousand reviews, it would be a reliable investment.

While this listing is about the Gold Tone variant, this model is available in 15 other colors. Regardless, looking at the watch, it has a modern gentleman look and feels. With the Gold and Black combination, clients would surely trust your expertise given your taste in fashion.

Along with the iconic Lexington design, it has three sub-dials that fit the look perfectly. Regarding the build, it houses a stainless steel 44mm body with scratch-resistant glass. Lastly, as water resistance is essential, the Michael Kors Lexington can withstand up to 100m underwater.

3. Invicta Pro Diver Gold-Tone and Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

Monotone colors are very pleasing to look at; however, some watches still look classy even with bright colors. As a perfect example, please take a look at the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Watch. Using Amazon’s Choice label and over eight thousand ratings as the basis, it’s competent to recommend for almost anyone.

Unlike the previous watches, this one sports a distinct look. With the blue plating, silver band, and gold accents, it surprisingly fits perfectly for a barber’s wrist. Aside from that, since it’s designed in the US, assembled in Vietnam, and runs on the Japanese Automatic movement, you can be confident for it to run for many years reliably.

When talking more about the form, it contains 24 jewels, weighs 152 grams, adjustable band links, and capable of 200m water resistance.

4. Michael Kors Men’s Slim Runway Quartz Watch

Like the Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch’s design, stealth looks also suit every barber’s style. In case of hesitation, please let the over four thousand reviews from satisfied users and the Amazon’s Choice tag convince you.

Contrary to the previous recommendations, the Slim Runway conveys stealth and industrial style. Using black on a black combination, it suits different fashion and barbershop themes. Additionally, if you’re into professionalism, the watch’s minimal and fashionable looks make it suitable for both work and leisure.

Since it employs the classic round sundial display, the watch packs enough view in a 12mm case. Moreover, with a brushed and polished finish, it’s comfortable to wear and can sustain for years to come. While it only has a 50-meter water resistance rating, it can still withstand splashed and minor downpours.

5. Fossil Gen 5 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Modern watches like the Fossil Gen 5 Touchscreen SmartWatch carries out both form and function. While it may be unconventional, the latest development made these watch types more reliable and functional than ever. Also, judging how over eight thousand customers found it excellent and Amazon making it a top pick, there are more things to be excited about than concerns.

Initially, without the digital display, it still looks like a standard great-looking watch. With a rounded panel and stainless band and frame, it’s stealthy until the screen light up. Besides, it features Wear OS, GPS, Bluetooth, Heart Rate Monitor, NFC, and a Built-in speaker.

Despite the digital features, a single charge can last for over a day. On the other hand, charging up to 80% takes less than an hour. If you’re a barber, eliminating phone contact with wrist notifications is an easy way to look great and stay informed.

6. Stuhrling Original Pro Diver Watch for Men

Moving back with traditional watch movements, the Stuhrling Original Pro Diver is an absolute recommendation. Using the almost two thousand positive ratings as guidance, one can trust the item to last and perform well. Apart from the Silver and Blue combination, this model is also available in 8 different colorways.

Additionally, the luminescent hands and indices, ridged corners, and polished materials display a masculine and stylish look. In a barbershop setting, these finishes blend well with clippers, razors, and other metallic equipment. Regarding the build, it has an adjustable strap, Japanese Quartz movement, and is capable of up to 100m water resistance.

7. Fossil Men’s Nate Stainless Steel Quartz

If the stealth design of the previous item interests you, then the Fossil Men’s Nate Quartz Watch should be pleasing. Again, with over eight thousand reviews, this one does the job and can hold up well.

Fossil’s watches are known for options, and this one doesn’t disappoint. With nine different colors and two additional accessories, there’s something for everybody. Looking at the watch, it sports a black-on-black design with polished metal and industrial components.

The watch has a 50mm case, 24mm band, Quartz movement, three sub-dials, and an interchangeable strap mechanism. Overall, these materials made the watch capable of up to 50-meter water resistance.

fashionable watches for men

Enjoy Your Stylish Watch.

The working-class style revolves around function, fashion, and professionalism.

Should you want to follow this life-style, this article and the recommended watches are great starters.

If you’ve learned something, please feel free to share this with anyone you know.

Good luck!


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