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6 Natural Hair Products For Kids – You Should Consider!

hair products for kids

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★ Top 6 Best Hair Products For Kids!

Quickly find great hair products for your little one here all in one spot, getting the right products can be tricky and time-consuming. We listed the top kid’s hair products to make scrolling a breeze when it comes to finding what you’re looking for in a hair product. Not to mention a quick shipping rate and quality brand names that’ll help your child get the coolest looking hairstyle guaranteed!

Below are the top 6 best hair products for kids, we made sure these products are safe for babies and toddlers. These are the best Hypo-Allergenic, Non-toxic, no Dyes, 100% All Natural, Cruelty Free products on the market when it comes to kids hair products!

***Please make sure to always read the ingredients for yourself before making any purchases

Table of Contents



#1 Little Roseberry:

Little Roseberry is a chemically safe hair gel product with organic ingredients such as “Aloe Vera” and “Vitamin E” Little Roseberry is safe for toddlers, men, and woman of all ages! The vitamins found in this hair gel are to protect the scalp and add a healthy amount of strength back into the hair follicles. Little Roseberry is 100% toxin-free* (no sulfates or parabens) a vegan, and cruelty-free hair gel alternative.

Roseberry hair gel was rated #1 for being baby safe, and great for the whole family!

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#2 Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel:

Fairy tales rosemary repel helps prevent head lice on children as well as offering a flexible hold for hairstyling. The active ingredients found in this product are; organic rosemary, citronella, tea tree and geranium oils to help prevent lice. This product is safe for daily use if you’re looking for added protection against head lice. The fairy tales product line has a shampoo and conditioner that works great together to boost the level of protection. If you’re looking for a non-sticky, non-flaky and alcohol-free hair styling gel this product is awesome for laying down the hair, spiking it up, or other creative hairstyles you might want to try out!

Does Your Little One Have Curly Hair?

Fairy tales have the solution, try this styling spray gel, it works perfectly for those “Curly Q’s!” Check it out here on Amazon!

Buy “Fairy Tales” On Amazon Now!

Silly slicker sculpting hair gel for kids





#3 Silly Slicker Sculpting Gel:

Sculpting gels are stronger than regular hair gels. Making this product great for kids with curly, thick, or unruly hair types! With a fresh scent and no flaking properties, this all-natural hair sculpting gel is great for the little guys! You can re-activate this product by adding water and rinsing it out with shampoo at the end of the day! This product was made in the U.S.A, 100% cruelty-free renewable plant-based ingredients.

Worried This Gel Won’t Be Strong Enough?

Try “Wacky Wax!” A styling wax that’s better suited for tackling stubborn bedhead type hair dues and can help with laying down those pesky cowlicks!

Does Your Kid Have Sensitive Hair?

Try using the “Morning Mirac Mousse” – this mousse has all the versatility of a spray gel, along with all the great conditioning and volumizing qualities found in a mousse!

Buy “Silly Slick” Now On Amazon!

#4 Sensitive Styling Foam:

Great for babies and young toddlers, this product helps lay down hair for a natural look and hold. The ingredients in this product help add “Bounce” and overall “softness” to the hair. Without all the flaky build-up of other hair products. Created for children and babies with sensitive scalps, the active ingredients in this styling foam reduce dryness, inflammation, and itchiness.

Rose bay extract found in this product helps normalize sebum production, optimizes PH levels & restores a healthy amount of moisture into the scalp. Fragrance free and allergy-tested.

Buy “Styling Foam” Now!







#5 Fresh Monster Hair Gel:

This alcohol and toxin-free all-natural hair gel is great for achieving a medium hold. Perfect for spiking the hair and taming down “fly aways” in pony tails and other various hairstyles. Just make sure your hair is slightly damp before applying this product for best styling results. Monster hair gel was approved for the highest standards when it comes to Whole foods and body care guidelines. Top rated for being environmentally green and against animal cruelty!

This product is hypo-allergenic with no dyes and BPA free. Make sure you check out the “Monster Fresh” strawberry infused non-toxic conditioner to go along with your hair gel!

Buy Monster Fresh Gel Now On Amazon!






#6 T Is For Tame: 

100% all natural made for babies, toddlers and kids, this product has a light hold and non-sticky or greasy look and feel to it! Unruly bedhead? not anymore! this organic based product uses jojoba oil to gently hold those pesky fly away hairs in place. “T” is for “Tame” takes great pride when it comes to giving your child a touch-ably soft hold without the use of harsh chemicals found in other hair products! Static, frizzy, messy or just plain out of control? Tame it! The ingredients found in this product help the hair look natural and healthy without looking too oily or shiny.

Coconut oil:

Penetrates and locks-in moisture.

Jojoba Oil:

Is rich in vitamins essential for hair nourishment and to keep the scalp healthy!


This is an organic starch that helps keep the hair naturally in-place without feeling greasy or sticky.

“T” is for “Tame” was voted #1 on the “Mom panel” for best children’s hair product for being, phthalate, toxin, sulfate, paraben, and dye-free!

Need Quick and Easy control on the go?

no problem. “T” is for “Tame” has a Taming Mist Sprayer to handle the tough situations quickly and efficiently!

Buy “T Is For Tame” Now On Amazon!


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