5 Mistakes Barbershop Owners Make That WILL Cost Them The Shop! Cyclops Brand

5 Mistakes Barbershop Owners Make That WILL Cost Them The Shop!

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5 Mistakes Barbershop Owners Are Making!

Suppose you are a barbershop owner on the verge of losing your shop. 

You’re confused and more than likely irritated at this point.

But no worries, you’re not the first Barber to come to this blog looking for honest advice that’ll help.

In this article, you’ll find out how to recover your Barbershop along with the mistakes owners has made in the past; keep reading.

The biggest issue owners have they spend a lot of money on the bells and whistles of a barbershop.

In most cases, they’ve overexerted their budgets and feel like they’re free-falling into debt.

But, I’m not going to talk about money, don’t worry; I’m going to share barbershop facts you need to quickly start applying to turn your barbershop nightmare into a dream (again)

Let’s dive in!

1. Confidence:

The first thing when handling clients is to build a powerful sense of confidence. 

The real purpose is not only for your clients to look good but to feel listened to. 

Barbering is 20% haircutting and 80% psychological; being there for your clients and listening to what they have to say can build trust and help retain a loyal Barbershop following.

It’s more than an assembly line, draping a cape over them, cutting the hair, cashing them out, and yelling “Next!”.

Oh no, that’s not at all how the barbering business works; this is why most investors that know nothing about haircutting tend to flop their investment.

Catering to clients is a skillset and art form performed by the Barber; taking time to get to know the person and listening intently to how they want their service done will directly reflect your income.

A pro tip would be for the owner to be watchful of their barbers, and if you are a barber/owner, the same rule applies to you.

2. Comfortability

Barbershop owners should consider their customer’s comfortability before they walk in the door. 

Make sure that your customer’s stay is a relaxing environment at all times. 

Some considerations would be: 

  • playing soft music.
  • Reducing the shop’s noise level.
  • Barbershop cleanliness.
  • Be welcoming and cheerful.

Mild Entertainment:

Be sure to have a ready supply of magazines, along with a list of popular Family Friendly TV programs, sports, or the daily news running at all times.

Go Above and Beyond

Always go the extra mile when it comes to giving people the best barbershop experience possible.

Attention to detail and focusing on your clients’ needs in and outside the realm of haircutting is vital.

A few examples of this would be:

  • Ask them To charge their phone.
  • Pour a cup of cold water.
  • Make a hot cup of coffee.
  • Give them a tissue.

It is an inexpensive way to keep customers happy and make them feel cared for; doing so displays a great sense of hospitality. 

People will thank you for the extra bit of thoughtfulness.

3. Failing To Take Care Of Business

Out of the five mistakes barbershop owners make, running the shop as a creative enterprise rather than a business venture takes the cake.

Relying upon your creative talents alone will not keep your business going, unfortunately.

You will need a structure that will create promise for yourself and your staff for the future.

Paying your bills.

It’s’ easy to get comfortable and forget to maintain your Barbershop; creating a business schedule that allows you to be more on top of payments is crucial. 

Try your best to stay ahead of the game when it comes time to pay for your business expenses. 

Keep your shop clean.

Be sure to clean the fans from dust; make it a habit to sweep and mop your floors at least two times a week. 

Remember to be mindful of the natural wear and tear of your Barbershop.

It’s a shame to see how many people won’t return to an establishment because the bathrooms weren’t clean, or you forgot to replace the toiletries.

If you see that your ceiling tiles are becoming discolored due to slight leaks or neglect, replace them as soon as possible.

Don’t be lazy; if you see an issue, handle it before the client has time to complain about it.

Because they will, or worse, they won’t and end up leaving for good.

Be smart with your business supply spending.

Stop using name-brand supplies and start saving yourself some money by using value trash bags, off-brand Windex, and all-purpose cleaning products.

Although saving money is great, it is also wise to invest in quality tools you’ll be using daily, such as; 

  • A well-made broom.
  • Hand cloths.
  • Shaving towels.
  • Dustpan with a handle.
  • Trash cans. (With open and closing lids)
  • Industrial Mop.

4. Develop a Strategy

Leave the essential barbershop responsibilities to your managers and staff and concentrate on other business aspects for growth.

Start by looking up innovative ways to control your social media marketing and develop a business strategy. 

Please remember that this does not mean you stop cutting hair altogether but instead focus on your priorities as a barbershop owner. 

Examples of this may be:

  • Expanding the Barbershop.
  • Adding barber chairs.
  • Offering 401k or other benefits.
  • Promoting your business.
  • Interviewing new barbers.
  • Developing a product line.

Removing Dead Weight:

A barber that is constantly causing trouble within your Barbershop has to go. 

We live in a world now where one nasty comment from a client could make or break your shop. 

So, it is best to take a loss early on rather than spending the next few years having to constantly apologize to your clients and staff members due to one bad apple in the batch. 

Not every Barber walking through your doors is going to be a winner; sometimes, you will have to say “no” for the sake of your establishment. 

Holding on to dead weight will reduce the effectiveness ad morale of your shop. 

Don’t Bank on “Word Of Mouth” only.

Relying on word of mouth alone to promote your Barbershop does not guarantee desired results, not these days anyway. 

Expand your knowledge by advertising in your local newspaper.

Develop a strong presence on social media for your Barbershop using Facebook, or google ads.

Barbershop owners underutilize the power of the internet tremendously.

Post high-quality photos of the haircuts you do daily to remain relevant in the minds of your audience.

Having a website is fine, but you can always take advantage of the other platforms for free like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

This is a heavy one to consider when it comes to the five mistakes barbershop owners make; unfortunately, owners tend to get comfortable in their success and neglect the newer ways of doing things. 

Which imperatively keeps the Barbershop from growing and kills the workflow as the times change. 

5. Never Stop Learning:

The business you’re in now is making your customers feel great about themselves.

Taking on additional business development courses to elevate your skillset will be your priority. 

With your new mindset on growth, you should be watching countless hours of youtube videos on leadership development and management.

The Value Of Photoshop

Barbering is one of the highest visually stimulated industries in the world, #2 to the fashion industry. 

The Adobe Photoshop Software is an excellent tool for enhancing your haircut photos.

It is critical to creating an online presence that speaks to the audience visually with engaging content such as:

  • Creating a compelling logo.
  • Using banners for upcoming events for your community.
  • Postcards/fliers/ brochures.
  • Holiday specials and discount coupons.
  • “Thank You” cards for your valued clients.
  • Thumbnails for Youtube videos.
  • Facebook/Instagram ads.
  • Professional images on your blog post.
  • Website visuals such as backgrounds, icons, etc.


In this article, we covered a multitude of helpful information to avoid barbershop mistakes.

If you are a barbershop owner, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning. 

Pay attention to the small details and remaining watchful of all the things happening in the Barbershop is a MUST.

These five mistakes barbershop owners make can all be avoided.

The heart of this message was for you to be more aware of what is happening around you and to step out and start applying these solutions. 

The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” – Henry Kissinger.

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5 Mistakes Owners Make:
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