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5 Best Online Stores For Barber Equipment & Supplies

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Are you a barber? or maybe you’re thinking of picking up a pair of clippers and going in “headfirst” (See what I did there?). No matter the case, your interesting in getting quality equipment that’ll bring the most value for your money! Cyclops has you covered, with our professional barbering experience and a genuine love for the industry please follow along with us as towards the “Top 5 Places to buy barbering equipment” and get you on the road to cutting hair, cool? cool!

Here’s a shortlist of the best places to buy Barbering Equipment:

amazon barbering equipment for professional barbers

#1 Amazon:

Let’s go ahead and get the most obvious one out of the way now, with wicked fast shipping and a large variety of products and accessories “Amazon” with the extension of “Amazon Prime 2-day shipping” makes this a monster when it comes to finding great items. Most of the Barbering equipment found on Amazon are other retailers all selling their products through the platform. With cross-checking with powerful order fulfillment verifications, Amazon makes sure the products your purchasing is quality, and the shipping is tracked of security and safety!

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onmi cord barbering equipment and supplies

#2 OmniCord:

Only experienced barbers know of “OmniCord” or have heard about them. They’ve been around for awhile now, starting out on instagram they made their presents known in the barbering industry. If you’re looking for customized clippers and trimmers, sleek looking lids, Ceramic blades and wireless adaptors to boost functionality, these guys are the best in the business. We’ve brought a few items with them over they years and they’ve been nothing but a “God Send” for our barbers not to mention a quick shipping rate and product turn around. We high recommend checking them out for some seriously dope products!

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#3 Barber Supply:

It’s almost as if “Barber Supply” went around and found the best brands in the industry and made deals with their manufactures selling products at a decent price. Oh wait, they did! Barber Supply has been around for a number of years now offering their customers a quick shipping of 1-4 business days or same day shipping plan if you’re okay with paying a little extra. Over all what not to like about a website stocked with top brands such as; andis, babyliss, wahl and oster!

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appleton barber supply store

#4 Appleton:

Appleton has been around for a long time, best known for large bulk deliveries. Although you can still shop for single products, you will save more in shipping buying in bulk. Appleton carries items most retail stores do not carry such as barber poles, signs, cardholders, and many more trinkets you’ll have a hard time finding to build up your barbershop otherwise. We highly recommend them for all your barbershop essentials and necessities.

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buyrite barbering supplie store

#5. Buy-Rite:

If you haven’t heard about “Buyrite” you’re in for a treat. This is a fantastic place to buy premium barber equipment for your entire barbershop. Buyrite has a large inventory of products such as; Barber chairs, lounge furniture, mirror, floating stations and larger interior decor to polish off your shop. Not to mention Buyrite offers their customers all sorts of incentives like; Snap financing, 100 cash payoff (No Payments for 90 days) and a build your own package option. Definitely worth taking a pick if your looking for more defined larger items that’ll add value to your barbershop!

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Hey, guys I just wanted to personally thank you for checking out this list of “Top 5 Barber Equipment & Tools” posts and hopefully, you got some value out of it. I know there are hundreds of other “Barber equipment” stores on the internet but I purposely ignored the Shopify, Wix, and various other dropshipping websites all trying to sell products from china. We believe in quality and value so we rather not waste our time nor yours buying products that’ll be cheap and fall apart quickly for somebody else’s financial gain that doesn’t understand that barbering products need to be durable. The websites on this list are ones we’ve built a relationship with and have been good to us in the industry. We believe these stores are a credible resource to follow up on when it comes to looking for barbering products & equipment.

Thank you for reading and have a great rest of the day! – Cyclops Brand


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