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5 Shoes For Barbers That Stand All Day [Expertly Reviewed]

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5 Shoes For Barbers That Stand All Day!

The barbering industry is one of the most demanding careers on the body. We might not be lifting heavy weights or walking back-and-forth for what feels like miles. But We are doing one of the hardest things for many people, and that is to stand in one place For hours on end, knowing that there’s a chair in front of us and not being able to sit in it. Lol

Of course, Barbering is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. We help people, and we make them feel good about themselves and make society look amazing!

Taking care of everyone else, it’s easy for us to neglect our own needs; at the beginning of our careers, it’s easy to forget the proper precautions when it comes to working in this field. It’s not until we’ve been doing it for years before we start feeling the aches and pains in our lower back, legs, and feet. By that time it’s to late.

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Having over 10+ years In the haircutting industry, I know firsthand the importance of having good shoes for barbers with alot of cushioning, and rubber support. Having a quality shoe means that it feels comfortable while you’re working; it gives you support for the back of your heel and reduces the impact from standing on a hard floor all day.

There’s a lot of factors that you need to consider before picking the best shoes for barbering. So, I took out all of the guesswork in this article and condensed it to a short list to only the 5 best shoes for Barbers.

Oh, But don’t worry, I made sure to find some fire-looking ones, not those corny new balances everyone else seems to be suggesting. Lol

1. Light And Airy. (Cessnock’s)

A great thing to look for in a shoes for barbers, especially in this industry, is light and airy. Do you want to be looking for a breathable mesh and something that is slip-resistant because you’re going to be standing on hair all day.

I’m sure you’ve already been through this before; we are standing on top of the hair, and the hair sticks to the bottom of your shoes and gets dragged throughout the barbershop like dirty tissue paper.

Try looking for a shoe with a rubber sole because rubber is an excellent shock absorber When you’re walking or standing for a long time.

They’re called the sketchers Cessnock; they look pretty clean and have all of these great attributes for a quality shoe, which is the reason why I threw it on the list.

2. Timberland’s (Tim’s)

Standing for long hours on end can do a lot of damage to your joints, especially your ankles. Finding a solid boot That can help alleviate some of the stress on your ankles is always a good idea.

Many people, mainly from the big city, are familiar with the brand Timberland A.k.a. Tim’s.

They are built with quality, comfort, and durability in mind. Not only are these boots workhorses, but Do also actually have a sense of style that comes with them; it flows well in the barbershop setting.

These particular boots Are made of 100% leather and come in three different colors; Yellow, black, and brown. It is good to have a variety if you want to switch up your style or import something new into your wardrobe altogether.

Copping a pair of Tim’s is never a wrong move, in or outside of the barbering industry. Period.

3. Nike Boy AF1 Trainers

It’s a no-brainer; the Nike Air Force trainers made it to our list; it has been a popular choice in shoes from back in high school.

The one common factor that everyone knows about AF1’s Is that the shoes last forever. However, the one problem with these shoes is the infamous crease that comes across the front when you bend down over time.

Thankfully they have some inserts that you can add to prevent this crease from forming. Because as great as this shoe is, There’s no shoe in the world that doesn’t have its problems.

Overall, It’s a highly comfortable shoe with a high-top design that adds support to your ankles, similar to the timberland work boots above.

With a shoe as popular as Air Force ones, it makes sense that there are a few different color options: black, white, wolf grey, and graphite.

If you’re curious about those inserts, you can click this link, and it will teleport you to Amazon, where you can check them out for yourself!

4. Dockers Classic

You can’t knock a decent pair of dockers; if you’re at the point in your barbering career that you’re ready to dress nicer, these are a great asset to have in your wardrobe.

These shoes are 100% leather with a polished grain finish. All the outside, it looks like dress shoes but doesn’t let that fool you; this particular dockers brand put a lot of thought into the construction of the shoe itself.

Flexible, soft, and has a latex footbed Which gives you extra comfort for standing for long periods. It’s a great cross between dressing for success in comfort and durability as a career Barber.

Unfortunately, the shoe only comes in two colors; black and dark tan. This shoe looks exceptionally well with a good pair of dress pants or slacks.

The docker’s Oxford dress shoes are a quick and easy way to upgrade the way you dress for success. Which, based on a few business studies about dressing professionally for work being linked and proven to increase your annual income by 34%.

It’s worth a shot.

5. Clark’s Dress Shoes

If you want to get classy behind the chair, Getting a pair of Clark’s dress shoes is the way to go.

Clarks have a unique signature design on the back of the heel, Then elevates the shoe almost a full inch. The additional rubber that’s used works as a support to relieve pressure and tension. This same type of pressure could resonate up to your lower back if it didn’t have this.

Clark’s shoe brand pays close attention to the small details that add value and comfort to the shoe’s person.

These dress shoes only come in three colors; black, dark tan, and tan. The only issue with these types of shoes is for people with a wider foot, and they may have a problem when it comes to breaking in the leather.

If you’re looking for something for instant comfort without being broken into, I suggest picking one of the other four shoes I evaluated above.

Although with a little bit of patience, Clark’s is one of the most preferred shoes for barbers because of its nostalgic look and feel.

6. Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost (Stupidly Expensive Bonus Shoe)

Another extremely popular shoe are the Adidas Yeezy’s Boost 350’s, the only reason I’m adding this on the list is because the barbering world is known for their shoe game. These of course are stupid expensive and a lot of people wont be able to afford them.

However, if you’re looking to upgrade your already expensive taste and showcase to the world how well the industry is blessing your wallet. Copping a pair of Yeezy’s is a sure fire way to do it!

Although there expensive they do add a lot of comfort and support to your feet, with a light-weight upper half and thick rubber base.

That Wraps It Up!

Whenever your choosing shoes as a barber you need to be focus on comfortability and how well it absorbs impact when your taking steps to make sure your heels, ankles and calf’s are being supported. If not, it could travel up towards your low back or cause other injury’s due to standing for long periods at a time.


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