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5 Best Hot Towel Warmers For Barbershops & Salons!

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5 Best Hot Towel Warmers For Barbershops & Salons!

Finding the best towel warmer can be hard, most of them arn’t asethetically pleasing or made of material that doesn’t last. Especially knowing full well they need to work continiously throughout the day without fail. Most don’t last but a few months before crapping out on you. Being in the barbering industry for over 10+ years I’ve used them for hot towel services for premium head and facial shaves.

I honestly couldn’t afford one to not keep the tempeture by the time i walk back over to my chair, the towels need to maintain their heat before touching my client’s skin. If this sounds like an issue your having, the list below will be exteremly helpful to you. These are creditablible brands that are built to last and keep your towels warm.

Why Should I Use A Towel Warmer?

Towel warmers have been around for 100 years to heat towels, that are placed on the face to open the pores to help to remove debris and grim trapped under the skins surface. There used in premium barbering and spa services to promote a relaxing experience. Hot towels also soften facial hair for barbers to perfrom close shaves and minimizing skin irattion. These towels are soaked in water and eucalyptus oils to enhance the service.

1. Sundry High Capacity Towel Warmer (Most Popular)

This towel warmer is great if your barbershop has a lot of traffic, more specifically traffic that perfer high-end services such as hot towel shaves, exfoliations and facials for relaxation. 

It can hold up to 72 rolled towels; minimizing the effort in having to reload the warmer more often like you would have to do when your using a smaller conventional warmer.

The average tempeture of this towel warmer is 176 degrees.

This towel warmer is 14″ tall, 17-3/4″ wide and 11″, The heating chamber measures 10″ tall, 14-1/2″ wide, and 7-3/4″ deep.

We suggest using towels that are specifically made to handle the heat and can be used for everyday use. Here’s A Great Set Of 24 Utopia Cotton Towels, that are soft and highly absorbant. 

2. Dermalogic Stainless Steel Towel Warmer (Compact)

This is a commercial grade towel warmer that’s stainless steel inside and out. When your dealing with moist towels over time the inside can start to rust and create an oder. Having a stainless steel warmer is ideal for long term to prevent corrosion on the inside. 

The average tempature stays Between 149 to 185°F.

The outside dimensions for the towel warmer or 17.72” x 11.22” with the inner depth of 13 inches.

 It can hold 20 rolled towels which makes this model one of the smallest towel warmers on our list.

3. Towel Warmer 72 (For Professional Use)

This towel warmer is for professional use and can hold 72 towels at a time. It also has an auto shut off feature for safety.

The average temperature of of this hot towel warmer is 185°F.

The outside dimensions are 18 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 19 inches in height. The inside dimensions are 14.5 inches long 13 inches wide and 14 inches high. Great for standard shops and salons.

Dermalogic is a well known brand and they offer many different size models. If your looking for a towel warmer where you can hold up to 120 rolled towels at one time. (for larger businesses that get a lot of foot traffic). You can Check It Out Here! 

If you want to get real crazy, you can Look At This Monster That Can Hold 180 Towels. In most cases this will be over kill, but I want to give you as many options to find the perfect towel warmer! 

What’s The Eucalyptus Oil Used For?

Eucalyptus oil is a natural oil that’s used to treat conditions like; nasal and chest congestion, coughing, and asthma related issues. It helps lower blood pressure in diabetics and when applied to the skin; it can remedy things like skin uclers, arthritis and joint pain. Ultimately it’s used promote calmness and relaxation.

The essence of towel warmers are relatively the same, so I won’t bore you in repeating the obvious. I’ll only share the unique features of each and how it can be beneficial to your barbershop, salon or spa. 


Towel warmers are mostly used in premium services to help the client relax and soften the hair follicale before perfroming facial shaves. We talked about the best towel warmers for your barbershop or salon and how to soak towels in eucalyptys oils to offer a handful of great benefits for your clients overall experience.


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