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5 Best Hair Products For Getting A Matte Finish Look! [Expert Approved]

matte finish hair styling product

5 Best Hair Products For Getting A Matte Finish Look! [Expert Approved]

Matte finish refers to the amount of shine you will get after applying the product to the hair. (Or lack of, in this case.) Light is absorbed with a matte finish, creating a flat, natural look without gloss or shine.

Celebrities and influencers of modern times set the hair trends while barbers and stylists offer these styles to everyday people. For thousands of years in history, from Roman emperors to kings and Egyptian pharaohs. With that said, the most sought-after look of our time is one that makes your hair look styled, but as natural as possible.

Below is a list of the hair industry’s top matte finishing products to keep your hair trending with a flat texture that will last you all day!

1. Layrite Natural Matte Finishing Cream

If you are a barber, you already know about the Layrite brand; if you’re not, I’m about to share with you one of the industry’s top hair products that barbers and stylists swear by!

Have you ever seen those YouTube, Tiktok, or Instagram reels with barbers pulling off those Hollywood-worthy hairstyles? Well, this is what they use!

It’s a solid product with a matte finish; for those that don’t know what “matte” means, it’s a dry, no shine, natural look that can be shaped into a style. 

2. Mitch (M) Reformer

Mitch reformer is a clay base texture adding hair product. This means the base is firm when scoping it out of the container, but when you apply it to your hair, it gives it a grainy, flat texture. 

If you have thick, coarse or straight hair, this is an excellent product for adding lift to the front of your hair or holding up spiky hairstyles. 

3. Hair Dough Styling Fiber (Matte Finish)

Men’s hair dough is a water-based product, making it extremely easy to rinse out in the shower. It’s great for people on the go, that want to quickly get up out of bed and lay down those frizzy fly-away hairs. 

Like all matte finishes, this hair product doesn’t shine and works universally with all hair types. If you are looking for a basic man’s matte finish cream, this is ideal for the average Joe.

4. Pacino’s Signature Line (Matte Hair Paste)

Another great product used by barbers is this Pacino’s line. If your more Pristine about your hair and can never seem to find the right product. This one is the best if you enjoy styling your hair for 15-20minutes to get your hairstyles just right before going out. 

Many people that purchase Pacino’s products already know the basics of styling their hair. Using tools like; blow driers, round brushes, with an in-depth understanding of their hair and how it lays.

I wouldn’t suggest this hair product for a beginner to use, but If you are more advanced with your hair styling, I strongly recommend using Pacino’s signature line matte hair paste. 

5. American Crew Fiber Cream (Peoples Choice)

Crew products have been around forever; personally, many of their products are “okay,” although they did release a hit hair product matte fiber cream that took the world by storm a few years back. 

Because of the fibers found in Crew, the product attaches to the individual hair strand, making it appear thicker, and giving a stronger hold. This particular product works best with hair that’s 1-3 inches in length.

If you’re looking for a few helpful tools to assist your styling needs, here’s what I recommend:

How To Style Your Hair YouTube Video:

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Products For Men:

What Products Add The Most Shine?

Cream, Pomades, and Oils create the highest level of shine to the hair. Often with a lighter hold.

What Hair Product Adds A Medium Shine To The Hair?

Gels & Waxes tend to give a more muted shine with a medium hold.

What Hair Product Has No Shine At All (Matte)?

Fibers, Pastes & Clay Products give the least amount of shine out of all men’s hair styling products. They also provide the strongest hold.

Image of a man after using a matte finish hair cream.
Healthy Hair After Using A Matte Finish Cream.


This article shared the top 5 best hair products that give your hair a matte finish look (No Shine.) I recommended them using my expertise (10+ Years) in the barbering and haircutting industry, listing only products worth using, or have used in my career. Along with the impeccable feedback and reviews by the clients.

Overall this is a solid list to make finding your perfect hair product a breeze to learn and discover.

Thank you for reading, If you’d like to learn more about the hair industry, we have plenty of Other Great Articles to keep you busy for hours. Learn and expand your knowledge both as a hair enthusiast and barber.

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