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4 Bad Habits Men Do That’s Absolutely Disgusting!

Man making a disgusted face

4 bad habits men do that’s absolutely disgusting!

At one time, the bachelor lifestyle was the cat’s pajamas, no deodorant, bad breath, messy hair.

Showering was, of course, optional, and so was changing out your underwear every few days.

Just a man living the dream, am I right?

Well, my friend, people aren’t into those poor personal hygiene routines anymore.

Let’s kickstart this guide by acknowledging these bad habits and remove them effective immediately!

Here are the worst grooming habits:

Showering running

1. not bathing regularly.

maybe it’s a broken water heater; perhaps it is a bone-chilling winter season or pure laziness that stops many men from wanting to hop in the shower?

Indeed a mystery for the ages. (Not really)

Here’s the thing stinky…

There are many great benefits to bathing, besides smelling better and feeling refreshed after cleaning your body of all the dirt and dead skin cells you collected throughout the day.

Here’s what you were missing out on.

Showers regulate your body’s core temperature, helping ailments such as; relieving migraines, headaches, and muscle recovery after a hard workout.

Studies have shown that taking a bath before bed relaxes the body and mind for a better night’s rest!

Bathing doesn’t mean standing under the shower letting the water hit you like a confused chicken, either.

It would be best if you actually put in work to scrub and add more soap when the washcloth loses its soapiness.

It’s a time to put proper hygiene into practice, things like:

Putting the right amount of shampoo in your hands to scrub into your hair and scalp.

Cleaning that Shrek-like ear wax that’s been nesting in your earholes for a month.

Additionally, it would help if you used this time to shave your facial hair after a hot shower.

During that time, your pores are open, and your skin is moisturized; this makes shaving less painful if you have coarse beard hair.

Heck, some people shave while showering using a shower mirror to knock out both birds with a single stone.

All of those bathing procedures need to be managed to perfection without being rushed.

bad habits is men dont use skin care products

2. Turning a blind eye towards personal care products:

Before we break this one down, I wanted to be as transparent as a window with you.

You don’t need to try keeping up with your girlfriend or wife on skincare and hair products; trust me; it’s a losing battle.

So, when I talk about them, I’m only talking about the bare essentials you need to not look like a cave dweller.

With that in mind, let’s begin.

Ointments, creams, lotions, and essences do a lot for your body, especially when dealing with the largest organ, your skin!

The main items you should have in your Arsenal are; deodorant, moisturizer, shaving cream, and a hair product, such as wax, gel, pomade, or sea salt spray.

If you live a logger, ax swinging, outdoorsmen type lifestyle, you should consider sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays that could cause skin cancer.

Depending on your lifestyle and activity level, something that smells good for a night in the town might benefit you.

Perhaps a nice smelling cologne?

You honestly don’t need any more than that.

Oh, ya…I almost forgot.

You actually have to use these products!

Trust me; It’s worth the investment; get yourself a few products for personal care, but don’t get too crazy.

bad habits that men do, image of a man turning into a werewolf

3. Stop the mid-werewolf transformation look.

There’s no excuse to howl at the moon anymore, gentlemen!

It’s okay to grow your glorious locks and beard out at least one good time; we’re all guilty of doing it.

But, for the love of God, just once.

It’s not the hair or beard that’s the concern, rather the unkempt nature of the beast, that is your hair.

You need to invest in a pair of clippers and some trimmers to maintain some style.

That’s the bear minimum ( ha!) you need to do for your hair and beard to look human and we’ll-groomed.

Another thing to keep in mind is your werewolf claws, I mean, your fingernails.

The biggest turn-off for everyone (the entire human race) is fingernails or fingers, for that matter, that look knawed, with peeled scabby skin.

Or nails that are turning yellowish-green…


Your fingernails need to be filed down close to your fingertips, and the edges smooth down.

A basic nail file will do the trick!

If you want to treat yourself once a month (at the very least), you should go to a spa or salon and get your hands and feet done professionally.

Men’s Dirty laundry

4. wearing dirty clothes.

Having a dirty laundry minefield in your room is a personal choice, but if you’re thinking about actually meeting with people outside those walls, you need to rethink your grooming.

If you’re the type of person who wears dirty clothes for days on end, you need to stop.

This type of practice leads to your body Oder embedding into the fabric of your clothes.

Not to mention the health concerns.

Wearing dirty clothes can be a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial infections.

Make it a routine to throw your clothes into the washer machine or take them to the laundry mat once a week.

I’m not trying to sound like your mom; I understand having to work non-stop or dealing with life’s many issues in everyday life can make even the most polished gent procrastinate.

Now, that’s not supposed to be read as an opportunity to take a break from eventually having to clean your clothes altogether, no.

But, thanks to science, there are particular types of apparel with antimicrobial elements that prevent bacterial growth.

Which is pretty cool.

Some clothes are made of moisture-wicking fabric that draws away sweat, reducing the smell of body Oder.

Like these socks, and shirts for example:

But, you’re still going to need to wash them over time.

although, they will last longer in between washes than standard clothing.

Again, friend, there are no excuses to have poor hygiene anymore.

But, It’s okay because you are aware of these bad grooming habits starting today, and that’s half of the battle.

With this I leave you:

These are some horrible bad habits for sure, but I won’t leave you stranded on an island without help.

So, I put together a few great men’s grooming kits below to get you started in developing better grooming habits today!


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