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25 Barber T-Shirts That Every Barber Should Wear!

25 barber t shirts for barbers to wear

25 Barber T Shirts That Every Barber Should Wear!

Since men seek styling services from barbershops, it would be best if barbers display classiness and professionalism. If you agree, this article would be ideal. Accordingly, in the following sections, we’ll discuss 25 t-shirts that every barber should wear.

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Professional-looking Shirts

While T-shirts are still shirts, they can still look professional. Below, some are the best of this type.

1. Hanes 2-Pack Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt

If you’re looking for a formal style, then the Hanes Men’s Beefy T-Shirt is ideal. As a two-pack item, you’ll surely get more from your purchase. While value is already clear, it’s still beneficial to talk about comfort.

Using Cotton, Polyester, and Light Steel, Hanes achieved a comfortable yet durable product. Moreover, since this item has 13 different variants, there’s something for everybody. In the barbershop, this would look respectable, relaxed, and suitable.

2. Gildan Multipack Men’s Crew T-Shirt

Should you prefer a best-selling product, please take a look at the Gildan Multipack Crew T-Shirt. With a staggering over 100 thousand ratings, it’s a reliable and excellent option. While this item is a clean white version, Gildan also sells 11 other combinations and six sizes.

Unlike most products, Gildan includes six shirts in one purchase. Moreover, if you’re concerned about comfort, this one sports light materials like Cotton and Polyester. In the barbershop setting, the plain design can look professional and focused.

3. Gildan Multipack Men’s V-Neck T-Shirts

Since plain shirts are truly classy, the Gildan Men’s V-Neck shirt is next on the list. If you’re a barber, the neck design and moisture-wicking can help with movements and ventilation; not to mention it looks fashionable.

Aside from this option, there are five other styles; all variants still come as a 5-pack purchase. Depending on your size, you can pick either size 4, 5, or 6. Above all, it’s highly durable and suitable for machine wash.

4. H2H Slim Fit Casual Polo T-Shirt

Should you want to look professional in the shop, then the H2H Casual Polo T-Shirt is a solid recommendation. Unlike other similar shirts, this one mixes the tapered fit of shirts and formality of a polo. Besides, with the 34 colors and styles, you can pick almost anything that would go well with your preference or barbershop theme.

Unlike the previous items, this one has different materials as Spandex, Rayon, and Polyester. As a result, this can fit varying body sizes. Also, for the same reason, it can show your curves and muscles well.

5. Nautica Crew Neck Men’s Pocket T-Shirt

Aside from the fit styles, the classic T-Shirt design is still relevant. If you agree, then you’ll love the Nautica Solid Crew Neck Men’s Shirt. Using a pocket design, minimal branding, and various colors, you can relive the classic tee while being unique.

Regarding choices, there are 42 colors and 18 sizes available. If you mistakenly order a smaller one, it can still fit, thanks to the Spandex material supporting the Cotton build.

6. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt

When talking about the classics, the name Polo Ralph Lauren should be on the list. Moreover, this particular item, the Pony Logo Crew Neck Shirt, to be exact, is an excellent shirt that every barber should wear.

In the barbershop, the shirt’s stealthy look can blend well with the equipment and themes. Additionally, when wearing an apron, the no-frills design and slim fit would not get in the way and still look fabulous.

7. H2H Casual Slim Fit Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt

While it’s still a V-Neck shirt, the H2H Men’s Casual Slim Fit is still worth recommending. Since many customers found it excellent, purchasing one shouldn’t be overthought.

Unlike other V-Neck shirts, the H2H molds ideally in the body. When you’re a barber, this will look very pleasing to the client’s eyes. Besides, the mustard color can blend well with any barbershop setting. However, if it’s not your style, you can choose from 43 other colors, all using Cotton and Polyester as materials.

8. COOFANDY 3-Pack Henley Short T-Shirts

If you’re interested in the previous items, then you’ll still love the COOFANDY 3-Pack Men’s Shirts. As a blend of Henley and T-Shirt design, it sure stands out from the usual styles out there.

Aside from the 3-pack inclusion, you can also select from six other combinations. Regardless of what you choose, COOFANDY ensures premium fabric that’s lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and durable. Again, in the shop, using either color would look great and respectable for clients.

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Stylish Shirts

If you want to look classy, the following barber shirts are solid recommendations.

9. LOGEEYAR Slim Fitted Men’s Casual Button T-Shirt

Starting on the list of classy shirts is the LOGEEYAR Slim Fitted Men’s Shirt. Using a three-color combination, the maker achieved a balance of formality and classiness. Moreover, with the 4-button design and faded colors, it’s highly suitable for every barber.

Regarding durability, the over three thousand happy customers are testimonies of how great this product is. Also, with materials like Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex, it sure will serve one well regarding fit, durability, and ease of use.

10. COOFANDY Men’s Muscle Pleated Tee Shirt

Lately, shirts with an extended bottom part became popular. If you also fancy this style, we recommend checking out the COOFANDY Pleated Men’s Muscle Shirt. As a multi-purpose (gym, fashion, and casual use) garment, it’s highly suitable for all barbers.

When you want to mix style with practicality, the COOFANDY will look stylish in the body while still being durable, thanks to the quality materials. Again, if you love choices, this item has 13 different styles and seven sizes.

11. KLIEGOU Ripped Round Men’s Pattern Print T-Shirt

Similar to the style of the previous shirt, the KLIEGOU embodies modern men. In this particular variant, the Army Green finish and pattern style would fit the barbering scene. However, if you want more designs, there are also other options available for purchase.

Moving on with the build, the KLEIGOU is 5% Linen and 95% Cotton. Consequently, the shirt can last longer, more manageable to wear, and comfortable for a day’s duty.

12. COOFANDY Plaid Men’s Polo T-Shirt

While polo shirts are for more formal settings, the COOFANDY Slim Fit Plaid Polo T-Shirt is an exception. Using a combination of plain Black and checkered patterns, it will look elegant when you’re cutting clients’ hair.

If you’re curious, this item also has other styles for everyone to get. Furthermore, with the zipper closure, breathable fabric, and elastic build, it’s very pleasing to wear even on a rough workday.

13. FRTCV Casual Tops Men’s Tee Classic T-Shirt

When going back to the classic tee design, the FRTCV displays both style and sleekness. With the duotone color, it’s not as overbearing as similar products out there. Accordingly, it won’t direct much attention, yet, still looks fashionable.

As an item available in 35 other variants, you can select almost anything if you have a different taste. Luckily, whether you choose a plain, colored, or patterned one, you’ll still get a 100% Cotton, slim fit, soft, and cozy garment.

14. YTD Button Slim Muscle Tops Cotton Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt

If you love a different approach, please look at the YTD Casual Men’s Button Sleeve Shirt. With a unique-looking collar and neck design, it blends the polo and shirt forms, respectively.

When worn, the collar looks great with or without an apron. In all the different variants and sizes, YTD promised a complete Cotton build.

15. KLIEGOU Men’s Hoodie Hole T-Shirt

Through the years, fashion has evolved in many ways. Similarly, the shirt form faced countless variations. In this case, the KLIEGOU Hoodie Hole Men’s Shirt is an example of the Hoodie and T-Shirt intermixing.

Unlike the competition, the KLIEGOU incorporates semi-visible patterns in every corner. As a result, the hoodie looks unique in a pleasant way. If you’re a barber, this design combination can give a sense of classiness, modernity, and a little bit of fun for the client’s eyes.

16. Calvin Klein Monogram Logo Men’s Short Sleeve

Last on the list of fashionable barber shirts is the Calvin Klein Monogram Shirt. While it’s deviant from the rest of the list, the plain white look and classic branding still look elegant.

If you’re familiar with the Calvin Klein brand, then this product should be a solid option. Since it’s a 100% Cotton material, it’s easy on the body and doesn’t get in the way when barbering.

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Fun and Cool-looking Shirts

Sometimes, a little fun wouldn’t hurt. If you agree, please take a look at these fun and cool-looking barber t-shirts.

17. Silk Road Tees Barber Gift Shirt

The Silk Road Tees Barber Shirt comes first in the list of fun and cool barber graphics t shirts. Using a design that refers to the iconic movie series, The Godfather, the shirt only has a singular print in front.

While it’s already cool, the complete Cotton material made it even easier to recommend. Besides, since it has ten vibrant options, there’s something for every barber out there.

18. Best Barber Definition Funny Present Shirt

It might be too playful for some, but a fun definition of the barber profession would undeniably make a client laugh. If you agree, then the Awesome Barbers Unite shirt would be perfect.

Unlike other items, this one comes in multiple variants: options for men, women, teens, five colors, and 14 sizes. Regarding quality, it’s no slouch either. Using Cotton as the primary material, the maker achieved a cozy to wear, fun, and durable clothing.

19. Barbering Logo Gift Shirt

If you want something cool-looking yet a little professional, this plain black shirt with Golden Barber text, pole, and accents is ideal. With the centered design print and classy color, it is too perfect in the barbershop setting.

Similarly, this product has options for men, women, teens, five colorways, including Black, and 14 body sizes. Again, since Cotton is a light, durable, and breathable material, it’s very comfortable to use, allows free movement when cutting, and dries sweat quickly.

20. BW Barber Gifts Licensed To Carry Barber T-Shirt

Another playful design about barbering is present on the BW Barber Gifts Idea T-Shirt. In detail, the “LICENSED TO CARRY” text is a reference to the handgun carrying permit phrase; in this case, it’s a barber with the tools and cutting equipment.

Yes, the design is excellent; however, it’s still not enough without talking about quality. Fortunately, this shirt still sports durable materials. Nevertheless, wearing this would be a pleasant experience.

21. Bionic Society Barber Tools Design T-Shirt

The Bionic Society’s black shirt with the iconic barber pole and cutting tools design is next on the list. With options for men, women, teens, five colors, and various sizes, this could be a nice gift for others or yourself.

It’s quite repetitive, but the quality is a thing that needs focus. Thankfully, this one uses Cotton, Polyester, and few other materials, resulting in a well-made product.

22. Faith and Believe The Barber’s Prayer Gift T-Shirt

Another fun statement clothing is The Barber’s Prayer printed shirt. With the made-up prayer for a barber’s endeavors, it sure is a must-have for our haircutting friends.

If you have a different body size and color choice, you’ll be glad that this product offers enough options. Above all, it can last long thanks to the excellent materials the manufacturer used.

23. Hair Stylist Gift Apparel Barber You’re Sunshine Sunflower T-Shirt

Contrary to the previous shirts with words or simple designs, the Sunshine Sunflower style incorporates the barber’s tools into art. In other words, the picture shows shears, razors, combs, and other barbering tools as half of the leaves.

As an advantage, this particular product offers ten colors, options for men and women, and seven sizes. When cutting hair, it should be lightweight and breathable, perfect for easy movements.

24. Good Hair Day Barber Shirt

If you like the item’s design before this, you’ll love the Good Hair Day shirt. In the photo, you’ll see two shears connected that bear lovely flowers. As an interpretation, with the barbers’ skills, every man can achieve charm unique to each other.

Even without the message, it still is a cool-looking garment. Besides, with the body-friendly, breathable, and enduring fabrics, buying it would be a sound decision.

25. Hair Hustler Tattoo Gift Barber Shirt

Last on the list has one of the most inspiring designs. In the photo, you’ll see a barber’s hand holding a shear and a comb with a “Hair Hustler” text beside it. Apart from the cool print, the clean look also contributes to the shirt’s overall aesthetic.

Regarding the fabrics, this one uses Cotton, Heather Grey, and Polyester, all quality materials. All-in-all, it’s a well-rounded shirt that’s lightweight, long-lasting, and elegant to wear.

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Wear your best barber t-shirt

After reading the whole article, you likely have a pick or two of the best t-shirt every barber should wear. If that’s the case, then we couldn’t be happier. Should you want to review or buy one, you can visit each product using the provided links. Until next time, we wish you the best!


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