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19 Barbering Tips (You Should Already Know By Now)

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19 Barbering Tips (You Should Already Know By Now!)

The Barbering profession isn’t limited to haircutting itself. Using these Top 19 Barbering Tips that will quickly help bring your haircuts and yourself more value behind the chair as a professional, putting a miles distance between you and the ordinary barber!


The Basics Of Barbering:

Barbering is one of those professions that keep us on our toes in the industry. New tools and accessories only mean we have more at our disposal. Thus, more to study, making this career an ever learning life experience. Having an excellent undeveloped sense of terminology and techniques will be the gateway to leaving behind a legacy.


1. Overextending:

Overextending is not a new trick in the world of barbering, although many barbers are learning about it later in their careers than they probably should. This technique is one every barber needs to know in order to reduce the time it takes to trim longer hair. Overextending involves the total stretching of the hair against its natural direction, which gives you a clear idea of its actual length. From there, you can set up a guideline and cut the extra hair off, making an excellent gradient that will lay perfectly as it falls into place on the head.


2. The ¼” Trick:

A lot of barbers have techniques that they use to perfect the cut. One such technique is the ¼” technique. It was given this name because the average person’s hair grows about ¼” every month. The rate varies between individuals, but on average, the estimate holds. This technique works best for customers who do not like experimenting with their hair and want it to look the same way they walked in, but with a light trim everywhere.

Using this technique helps barbers to get a rough idea of the amount of hair to cut. Making it easier to determine the exact length the client likes it. Knowing these small, subtle tips will make cutting your client’s hair a much smoother experience when you understand the 1/4 measurement for light trimming.


3. Clipper Over Comb Technique:

The Clipper over comb technique is perhaps one of the most widely used techniques; It involves using the comb and clippers to create the perfect blend. Most Barbers learn this technique early on in barbering school. regardless these barbering Tips are precious and will make the work load much more manageable down the road, allowing you to create customized hairstyles on the fly! 


4. Texturing – The Ultimate Skill of Pro Barbers:

“Texturing or Texturizing” is a basic technique that barbers and hairstylists use to reduce the weight of the hair and give them a smooth cohesion between the layers, making the hair easier to style.

Here are a few techniques you can use to perfect your texturing skills.



5. Creating The Razor Texture:

Razor cutting is a prevalent texturizing technique that every barber must know. Razor cutting usually works best with long and straight hair that needs to be appropriately textured. The method involves using a razor cutting tool to create reduced layered look in the hair. The razor cutting technique makes the hair easier to work with for most stylized haircuts. This method can be done by holding the long hair from the end, and then start using the razor from the midpoint of the hair and continue downward towards the end of the hair. Make sure you don’t apply too much force, or else you can damage strands or over cut altogether.


6. Shears Over Comb Technique:

With the invention of clippers, the art of shears over comb is now obsolete, and most of the barbers now prefer using the Clipper Over Comb Technique. Due to the fact it’s much faster and easier to use than using the shears over comb.

Although the scissor over comb technique does have its advantages, especially when giving a soft look to the longer hair, Shears Over Comb is the best technique at your disposal. To effectively use the technique, you’ll need to use a wider-toothed comb to gather more hair and snip the uneven ends. 

Also, a handle with the comb will give you the control needed to make it easier and smoother to work with the hair. Having a Flat Top-Comb Will give you more room to catch the hair in-between the teeth to make a cleaner cut using the shears. 



7. Managing Thick & Curly Hair:

The next tip that every barber should know about is how to effectively deal with the hair itself, a trained barber understands the different hair types and the best practices when handling them.

Managing thick and curly hair can be troublesome for many barbers. But if you want to master your craft, you’ll need to have a better understanding of cutting curly, fine and wavy hair types. With curly hair In particular, its a good idea to use a small amount of gel or conditioner before jumping into the haircutting phase as a rule of thumb.

When it comes to cutting curly hair always keep in mind that as the hair begins to dry, it will start to retract. If you cut off a half-inch it will look like you cut twice that amount when its dry. The idea behind using gel is to keep it wet so it doesn’t frizz up or get out of control, you can do the same thing with water, but water doesn’t keep the hair moist as long as gel or conditioner can.



8. Proper Blow Drying – The Key To Hair Styling:

Haircutting is just a part of your job now, and the barbers must master all the add-ons involved with the profession to stay in the game. Mastering the art of blow-drying is fundamental for a barber to create those impressive hairstyles we all see on Instagram!

Here are 5 tips to effectively blow dry men’s hair:

  • Don’t hold the hair too close to the head. 6 “– 8 “is the ideal distance to hold the hairdryer from the head.
  • Don’t keep the heat on the hair for too long after the follicles are thoroughly dried. 
  • Use the hairdryer in the direction of the hairstyle and not against it.
  • When you want to create a thinner look for the hair, use the blow dryer’s pressure from the top-down, and when you want to thicken the apparent volume of the hair, blow-dry from the bottom-up.
  • Use the hot air setting to open the hair’s cuticle when styling the hair; once done with the styling, use the cold air to close the hair’s cuticle to keep it in its position. 

9. Exquisite Shaving – The Art Of Barbers:

Shaving is an artform as with most of barbering, having the right tools, and a steady hand is a must. Here are a few tips to help you create the best shaves:

  • Never directly start shaving.
  • Use a pre-shave oil before doing anything
  • Take a warm towel and massage the face to allow the pores to open up.
  • Apply shaving cream to help the razor glide along the face. 
  • Shave in the direction of the hair growth, then from the side, and finally against the grain.
  • Make it a habit to apply aftershave after the shave to reduce burn and irritation.

These shaving tips are a must-know for every barber and help you create a personal connection with the clients.

If you’re having trouble with a shaving routine, here’s a link to an e-book that helps barbers make additional income by knowing how and when to use various shaving products to conduct the perfect shave.


10. Beard Grooming – A Man’s Job:

Beards are back, and they’re here to stay! It is wise move for every barber to know the fundamentals of beard grooming and the techniques to stay on top of their game. Barbers are known for staying up to date with popular trends. Clients these days expect barbers to shape their beards to perfection. Like many of us, clients use their phones to look up popular beard styles and want us to deliver at that same level. here’s what we need to do for them, help by explaining to them what their individual beard needs are; if their beard is dry, offer them beard oil. Tell them about the value and benefits of natural vitamins such as; b12 or biotin and what it can do for them. Make yourself the educator and build trust with your clients about their beard grooming issues or questions they might have.


11. Shaping The Neckline Properly:

Shaping the neckline is an art you need to master to add the finishing touches to the haircut. There are many variants such as; skin taper, a taper with a rounded neckline, a basic square look, or completely round. This technique changes slightly depending on what the client is looking to have done. Having a general knowledge of each neckline technique will only give you more versatility in the industry.


12. Detail The Beard-Line:

The next major part of facial hair grooming is the detailing of the beard’s outline. Ideally, you can do this with a straight razor or an electric trimmer, but we recommend using a feather razor as it gives sharper detailing and a prime look. Start by making a rough outline with the help of a trimmer, Then continue with the razor to fine-tune the beard’s shape continuing with the line over the mustache and towards the other half of the face. Try using the toe end of the razor for detailing, as it gives more control and finesse to the beard.   


13. The Right Guard Size Matters:

Always be communicative with your clients during the entire process, try to learn your customer needs in terms of beard length, and then adjust the trimmer accordingly. Be aware of the different guard sizes attached to the Clipper and re-confirm with your client to make sure you’re both on the same page. Suppose the beard is on the longer side of the spectrum. Try using a shear to get the desired look rather than the trimmers. Using the shears will give you the freedom you’ll need to carry out a balanced beard your clients will love!


14. Sanitize Your Clippers/Shears Openly:

Every time you get a new client to sit in your chair, be sure to sanitize and disinfect your clippers in front of them. They might not even pay you any attention or perhaps give you a short stare to figure out what you’re doing and turn away. But, Giving your clients a strong sense of cleanliness and professionalism about the way you work as a barber is always beneficial. Being open and sharing your sanitation habits is always a great idea; people are curious about how a barber maintains a clean working environment, even when dealing with hundreds of clients every week. Showing this will build trust and make them value your work ethics as you perform the haircutting services.


15. Sculpting The Mustache:

Styling the mustache can get tricky a barber must have a few mustache tips up his sleeve to impress his customers. One trick is to soften or harden the look of your clients’ mustache by implementing the following simple steps.

If you want to create a softer look with the mustache:

  • Use long shears.
  • Place your hand on the client’s chin.
  • Cut vertically in the direction of the hair.

In case you want to whitewash the look of the mustache:

  • Place your hand on the lower cheek of the client.
  • Cut along the line of the parameter.


16. Maintaining Perspective:

Perspective is critical in creating hairstyles. Always do a “Once Over” to ensure your client’s beard is 100% the way he wants it. Sometimes as soon as the client stands up, you will notice an uneven area on his beard, Or find a patch of hair that isn’t even with the rest of the beard. To avoid this mistake, always view the client from different angles using your mirror as a tool to correct this issue.


17. Communication Is The Key To Success:

If you think that barbering is only about cutting or styling hair, then you are wrong. Barbering involves various experiences for your client from the moment they walk through the door to when they leave. This Includes:

  • Your welcoming gesture,
  • The personalized experience you provide to your clients.
  • The way you converse with them.

All of these steps play an essential role in creating a satisfied clientele base. Unfortunately, many barbers don’t pay attention to these aspects and, as a result, allow their competitors to take their clients right from under their noses.


18. Use Standard Barbering Terminology:

Ensure that you have a pictorial explanation of the different hairstyles and barbering terminologies posted on the shop’s wall. This will make it easy for the clients to communicate with you effectively. Keep in mind; your clients don’t do this every day of their lives as you do, so, Educating your clients on different barbering terminologies will create a personal connection with them, making it easier on both ends.


19. Invest In Your Products:

A lot of barbershops do a fantastic job when it comes to creating a great work environment for their employees, and a place for clients to unwind from the daily hustle of life. Sometimes as barbers we need to go the extra mile when it comes to investing in additional products for work stations, not every barbershop owner invests in backbar products for barbers to use on the clients. 

Your self-employed deciding to buy your products such as pomades, styling gels, exfoliating creams, and black mask treatments is totally on you. Keep in mind by you stepping up and buying your own products you’re going to be at a massive advantage compared to your peers in the barbershop.

Of course, you’re going to want to make sure to incorporate the products into your haircutting prices, so your losing money each time you use them. Small power moves like this doing this will help you retain clients, build trust and ultimately loyalty. 



We believe that these are the Top Barbering tips that every barber must know to make themselves stand out from the rest of the industry. Having over 10+ years of experience and owning a barbershop I see where barbers could be making more income just by knowing a few techniques to help them get further along in their careers. I genuinely hope this will help a fellow barber even if you took on just one of these nineteen tips!



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