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15 Fade Haircuts For Men That’ll Blow Your Mind!

barber cutting a fade with a knife and tape measure being funny

15 Fade Haircuts For Men That’ll Blow Your Mind!

What’s a fade haircut? Fade haircuts are established when a barber uses a variety of freehand and clipper techniques to create levels for graduation in the hair from shortest to longest. If done correctly there should be flawless blend that adds elegance and precision to the haircut.  Fade haircuts not only look great with a flawless gradient blend. They also represent the level of skill the barber has behind the chair.

How To Ask Your Barber For A Fade:

It’s that time again, and your hair has grown out, and you’re looking to get a haircut. Still, you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking to get done, nor are you able to explain it adequately. Below is a quick and easy set of infographics that’ll tell what each fade is and how to ask your barber for that specific hairstyle.

infographic showing what a low fade is

Low Fade:

Low fades can be done in a handful of ways, The most basic is the image above. The same method to perform every fade is the same, the barber cuts the hair to its lowest point and gradually blends the hair upward to create what you know as a “fade.”

The image above is a low fade on the sides, also known as a “temple fade, blow out and side taper” if you want to get technical with your barber tell them anyone of those variants and you’ll also achieve this look on your sides.

Think of getting a haircut like putting together a “Mr. Potato head” you pick from a list of options and have the barber use his/her skill to make it happen by putting the pieces together section by section until your haircut is finished.

for example: If you want a low fade all the way around your head. Say ” I’d like a low fade to get around my head.” if you want the low fade on the back only, using the terms we mentioned earlier say “I’d like for you to taper the back.” You doing this will graph out the exact ordinates on your head in the mind of the barber and land you a perfect haircut!

infographic on how to do a mid fade haircut for men

Mid Fade:

The most common fade out of the three is the mid fade. People like to have a clean and professional look while getting the most out of their haircut. Mid fades work all the way around the head for a blended uniform look. The number one thing about this particular fade is to make sure the barber makes both sides of the fade even when your looking into the mirror to check. This type of fade can be tricky and often times overlooked, a professional barber will quickly notice any imperfections as their lining up the edges of your hairline.

Mid-fades can sometimes be referred to as “A Medium Fade” and not all fades have to start with the number 0, or skin. You can ask your barber for a #2, #3, #4 on the sides and back and get a fade haircut if you want more hair on the sides and back. We personally decided to showcase high contrasting gradients in the hair to better explain visually a fade haircut.

high skin fade explanation using an infographic

High Fade:

High skin fades always start at the temple line, and are tightly blended going towards the top of the hair. These hairstyles are most common in military bases where having a certain hair code is necessary. High skin fades are great for anyone that doesn’t want to do a lot of work styling their hair in the morning. This haircut is the easiest to manage and the most cost efficient out of the three types of fades. These fades wrap around the entire head in a flawless gradient blend working towards the desired length on the top of the head.

High fade are also great to reinforce “undercut” haircuts, undercuts are when the hair on the top is so long that it creates a drastic contrast between the low fade and the long hair on the top of the head. If you want the top of your head to be shorter like the image above ask your barber to run the clippers over with the #4 guard.

a haircut thats half faded and the other half is uncut showing the skill of the barber

The Heart Of The Barber:

Finding a skilled barber is one in a million; people claim to have the secret of success wrapped around their finger. Although a professional barber doesn’t care for fame and glory, instead, he/she only thinks about how they can perfect their craft. If fame and glory follow, then so be it, but that’s never the priority! Below are the skillful works of a barber that has put his heart and soul into each haircut. These are the: 15 Fade Haircuts That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Fad haircut with a pompadour top and line in the side of the haircut
Credit: @Igorviniciusbarber On Instagram!

1. Pompadour – Mid Skin Fade With Line:

Talk about precision work, this crispy haircut is a wonder to behold. Proper execution of tools and freehand work really has made this fade haircut a work of art!

high skin fade hair with two small cut designs to add artistry
Credit: @Igorviniciusbarber On Instagram!

2. High Skin Fade With Brushed Back Top:

High skin fades are a great look if you’re looking to have a haircut last for awhile. Most people in the military really enjoy this haircut, this is because its light, easy to manage and follows the strict hair codes in most military service branches. Adding a fun or clever design also look best on these types of haircuts due to the fact shorter hair shows off the design the best!

high fade haircut with igor the barber making a funny thinking face behind the client
Credit: @Igorviniciusbarber On Instagram!

3. High Skin Fade With Parted Line:

Skin fades are always a great way to look and feel you’re cleanest. Adding a strong part line will quickly add a sense of sophistication to your haircut and if you’re barber is skilled enough to blend the beard along with it?…It’s a done deal! #fire!

heavy line with a flawless skinfade haircut man sitting at the barbershop
Credit: @Igorviniciusbarber On Instagram!

4. Mid Fade With A Heavy Line & Duel Lined Design:

There’s rules when it comes to cutting hair, although when you’ve been in the game long enough to know how to break some of those rules. Doing so, gives the barber the ability to showcase his talent with creativity. Leading to incredible haircut technique combinations that’ll surely blow your mind!

low fade haircut and blended beard trim headshot portrait
Credit: @igorviniciusbarber On Instagram!

5. Low Temple Fade:

If you’re not trying to get a full skin faded haircut like the other images on this list. A low temple fade might be better for you if you’re planning on keeping the side and top longer. Doing a low fade whether it’s on the sides of the head like the image above. Or the back of the head, low skin fades help clean up the hair lines and make the overall haircut look cleaner and more presentable.

High skin fade haircut with a pompadour finish on top
Credit: @Igorinvinciusbarber On Instagram!

6. Fade Haircut With Longer Length On Top:

If you look a more drastic haircut having more hair on top and a quality blended fade going down will do the trick. Get an eye catching fade haircut that’ll be sure to attract attention in all the right ways!

high skin fade haircut for men
Credit: Igorinvinciusbarber On Instagram!

7. High Skin Fade Haircut With Two Cut Notched Design:

Like we’ve mentioned before, skin fade haircuts are a wonderful take on professionalism and cleanliness. Adding a fierce and simple design element to the design makes people look twice. A barber with skill and precision should be able to not only create a quality blend, but also know when to bend the rules and add a touch of creative flare to the hair design.

fade haircut with igor making fire in the background for extra drama
Credit: Igorinvinciusbarber On Instagram!

8. Mid-Fade Haircut With Line Cut:

Take your haircut above and beyond the limits of a regular skin fade. Adding an abstract design that cuts from the back of the head and into the beard line is just another example of breaking the rules. People enjoy seeing the artistry behind the chair, so, try stepping our of your comfort zone and add some additional spazazz next time you get a haircut!

High Skin fade and combover
Credit: Igorinvinciusbarber On Instagram!

9. Skin Fade Haircut With Line-Up:

Line-Ups are the way a barber uses the trimmer to clean the hair from the corners of the hairline. Doing this makes the haircut more pristine and appear to be more cohesive and well balanced in the design.

Longer Textured Faded Haircut
Credit: Igorinvinciusbarber On Instagram!

10. Textured Top With Faded Side:

Textured hair is great for more dimension and leaves room for styling with various hair products. The faded sides and back help insinuate the textured front and top portion of the hair. If you’re looking to keep length and yet look presentable in the workforce this is the haircut for you!

duel line fade haircut
Credit: @igorviniciusbarber On Instragram!

11. Duel Line Design With Heavy Disconnection:

Heavy disconnections are when the hair on the sides that’s usually blended abruptly ends and a solid line or fade is established. Making the haircut look like it wasn’t finished by in all the right ways. Adding two distinctive line design elements to this cut really makes it feel like it’s popping right off the page!

heavy disconnection fade haircut
Credit: @igorviniciusbarber On Instragram!

12. Heavy Disconnection Fade Haircut:

Disconnected haircuts have made a  comeback this year, bringing out the boldness of a heavy layer while cleverly fading down layers  into being bald towards the bottom. The added line element helps insinuate the depth of the heavier layer making it pop out, giving its drastic appearance.

Mid skin fade image using a high quality camera at the barbershop
Credit: @igorviniciusbarber On Instragram!

13. Medium Skin Fade Haircut:

Mid-fades have been around for along time now, although being able to blend out any lines created by clipper guards take skill and knowledge of the tools being used. Mid fades have a blending texture that appears to start fading from the middle of the head into the longer thicker parts of the hair. Adding a quick Line-up around the edges of the hairline can help bring out the true potential behind this classic fade.

faded haircut with beard line up
Credit: @igorviniciusbarber On Instragram!

14. Lifted Front Fade Haircut With Beard Line Up:

The full package is when a barber can give their client a quality haircut, line up and blend it all down into a professional looking beard trim while polishing it off with the straight razor. The full package,  is what happens when a barber has mastered the art of barbering. Being able to complete the haircut from top to bottom with a quality service that’s sure to turn some heads!

Disconnected haircut with grey hair dye finish

15. Heavy Disconnection With Grey Hair Color:

Claim your haircut dominance by using hair color to bring out the best features of your haircuts. Hair coloring is mostly used by woman in salons, although lately a lot of barber have taking up this element to boost their haircuts via social media. If you’re feeling radical and bold with the way you want to wear your hair, you absolutely need to try adding some fun color combinations to enhance the design of your haircut!

Igor The barber standing of a clipper case with a suite and tie

Igor The Barber:

Special thanks to Igor the barber a professional barber and instructor from brazil with over 100k Instagram followers. We appreciate your hardwork and dedication in the haircutting industry. a long with allowing us to use your haircutting images to showcase your talents to inspire other barbers as well as clients to try out your famous haircut styles and designs!

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Fade haircuts showcase the barbers talent, while offering the client a fantastic and modern hairstyle. Fade haircuts have become the staple of the haircutting industry, learning about them and staying up to date as a barber will keep you relevant for many years to come. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best fade haircuts and perhaps learned something new the next time you get your haircut at your local barbershop!

Thanks for stopping by fam, stay blessed and have a great day! – Cyclops Brand

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