10 Best Clippers & Trimmers [Picked By Barbers!] Cyclops Brand

10 Best Clippers & Trimmers [Picked By Barbers!]

top 10 best clippers and trimmers of 2021

Top 10 Best Clippers & Trimmers [Picked By Barbers!]

This article will be listing the Top 10 Best Clippers & Trimmers picked by barbers! These Clippers are the best on the market, judging on speed, power, and usability. We strive to give the very best information to anyone in the haircutting industry looking to grow and expand their knowledge. With over 10+ years haircutting experience using and testing a variety of clippers and trimmers, these are the hair cutting worlds most finest tools to work with.

Let’s dive in!

Wahlz magic clip haircutting clipper

#1 Wahl Magic Clip

The Magic Clips made by “Wahl” has been rated #1 in the barbering industry. Being one of the first wireless clippers, the Wahl Magic Clips changed the face of barbering as we know it!

This clipper uses a Lithium-ion battery that can last up to 90 minutes on a charge with options to be used with a cord or become wireless. Weighing 10 Ounces, the Wahl Magic Clip is easy for any barber to use for an extended period of time without making your wrist hurt. The length of the Magic clip clipper is 6 inches long, making it comfortable to hold while using it on your clients.

Included in the kit are 8 clipper attachment guards for handling different haircutting lengthens. In the kit, you also get a cleaning brush to remove unwanted hairs from the clipper blades which is always helpful. Magic Clips use a rotary motor that quickly guides the blade while keeping the clippers cool to the touch during your haircut services. These Clippers are highly customizable, it comes in various colors, and the backings can be customized too!

Barber holding up a pair of babyliss clippers

#2 Babyliss FX Clipper

Created with a Ferrari-engine design, the “horsepower” on these clippers is unmatched. Babyliss has quickly dominated the barbering industry with a quality clipper worth the investment. The Babyliss FX cordless clipper is a staple tool for every barber’s workstation.

The Babyliss FX Clipper uses a “Lithium Ion” battery pack giving these clippers a run time of 2 hours. Weighing only 1.7lb with a length of 7 inches making it fairly light compared to most clippers this size. Another cool feature of this clipper is its signature all-metal housing barbell grip, this helps barbers get the control they need when performing complex fade haircuts. This clipper can be used as a corded or cordless unit, using a dual voltage output for optimal charging capabilities.

The kit for this clipper comes with 8 comb attachments guards with a “hanging hook” for easy pick-up and cut alternatives. Even though this Clipper is a bit on the bulky side, The cutting power on these clippers is excellent for short bursts similar to that of the Oster 76’s. I highly recommend coping at least one!

barber holding up andis cordless fade master clipper

#3 Andis Cordless Outliner Trimmers

The Andis Cordless T-outliner is one of the best to have in your barbering arsenal when it comes to precision line-ups. Quickly charge and start getting quality line-ups and edge work with ease. Check out the review by “360Jeezy” below and see what he has to say about them!

The Default blade that comes with this trimmer isn’t too bad; It could get the job done. However, most barbers prefer using the GTX Blade for getting those hairlines looking extra clean & Crispy. Something to note in the corner of the GTX Blade can be used to create great-looking designs in the hair with great precision to work around the ears, neckline, and beard. This popular trimmer comes with a small cleaning brush to easily remove hair from the trimmer’s teeth.

Along with; a small tube of blade oil and a chargeable stand to keep your trimmer running smoothly at all times. A few perks to this trimmer are the customization factors, that can really personalize it with its Casings and Colors. Typically the Andis Cordless Trimmer uses a Lithium-ion battery with a solid run time of 60minutes on a single charge. However, some barbers managed to remove its factory battery pack to increase its battery life up to 2 hours, so, there are definitely some further options to consider later on!

The trimmer blade uses Carbon-Steel giving the trimmer an extensive cutting edge while remaining durable during its lifetime. Please keep in mind, although carbon steel has a lot of advantages compared to most blades. Regular upkeep is essential to prevent rust and erosion. another plus going for this trimmer is how quiet it is compared to most trimmers on the market. Making it great for when you’re using it around your client’s ears and face!

#4 Wahl Balding Clipper

The Wahl 5 Stars Balding Clippers are ahead of their class in many ways; this powerful Clipper uses a magnetic motor that runs faster & hits more demanding than standard motors. The plus side of using a magnetic motor is the clipper doesn’t get hot during usage making it ideal for removing bulk.

The Wahl Balding Clipper is a great way to increase the speed of your fade haircuts. Instead of wasting time using the “Electric Razor” or “Straight Razor Blade.” This Clipper can cut the time in half when it comes to getting that close shave to look!

The rounded teeth at the end of this clipper make it great for getting as close as possible without the risk of skin irritation. Like most professional clipper kits, this one comes with a small cleaning brush to remove unwanted hair trapped in the teeth and oil. The Wahl Balding Clipper uses a titanium blade; titanium blades are best for reducing skin irritation, making this balding clipper client-friendly and very durable in the long run!

unfortunately, this clipper only comes as a corded unit, with an 8ft long cord. If you’re worried about your cord getting tangled. Here’s a great alternative to keep the cords from becoming a tangled mess; I hope this helps! Wire Loom Anti-Tangle Sleeve – Link To Amazon Speed up the productivity of your haircuts by adding the balding clipper to your arsenal; you won’t be disappointed. Seriously.

barber holding up slimline pro li trimmers

#5 Andis Slimline Pro Li Trimmer

The Slimline pro li cordless trimmer is a balanced, ergonomic trimmer made for outlining and detailing the hairline, Its blade is made of carbon steel for an easy, durable finish with little to no skin irritation. If you’re looking for a powerful trimmer that’s lightweight with great flexibility, this cordless trimmer is top tier!


The Andis Slimline Pro Li uses a powerful rotary motor to increase cutting speed & reduce vibration when handling. These trimmers come with a charging station and a built-in Lithium-ion battery giving the Andis Slimline Pro Li’s an ideal run time of up to 2 hours! Most barbers use the “On The Money 0 Gap Tool” to set the blade closer to the teeth of the trimmer.

Doing so optimizes the blade’s haircutting ability, delivering high-quality results around the ears, neck, and hairline. I would highly recommend buying this tool if you plan on creating a crisp-looking line-up for your clients. It’s very user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to get your trimmers hitting harder.

Customers love having a clean haircut, and this tool does the trick! The Andis Slimline Pro Li weighs a comfortable .30 lbs with a length of 6.13 inches. The body of the trimmer is polished with its signature chrome finish which looks fantastic and clean AF. I use the Slimline Pros with every haircuting service I perform; I can’t see myself without them. These clippers are lightweight, and make it easy for me to create great-looking hair designs!

barber showing the wahl cordless clipper

#6 Wahl 5-Star Senior Clipper

It is ranked #1 for being user-friendly & Highly Durable by Professional Barbers Around the World. The 5 Star Senior clipper is designed for performing traditional haircuts along with modern fades.

The bottom of this clipper is made with a high-impact aluminum casing capable of withstanding hard falls and dealing with the daily usage working in the barbershop. The 5 Star Senior Clipper has an adjustable taper lever on the side of the Clipper for easy thumb movements to quickly go from 0 to .5 inches on the fly.

The kit for the Wahls 5-Star Seniors comes with a styling comb, clipper oil, a small cleaning brush, operating instructions, and a #1 blade guard.  The 5 Star Professional Seniors measure 6.5 inches in length and 1.3lbs in weight. (This is the average size and weight of most barber clippers found in barbershops.) This Clipper uses a powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor, making haircutting the equivalent of using extra sharp scissors to cut a piece of paper. 

Having an electromagnetic motor gives an incredible sense of strength while taking a long-time to get hot. Created in the U.S.A and trusted by barbers all around the world for almost a century the “Wahl Clipper Brand” is known to deliver high-quality haircutting experiences for both the barber and clients. The Wahl 5-Star Seniors come as a corded unit or cordless. You can find the cordless version of these clippers *HereThe sleek casing design fits perfectly in your hand with a classic take on the traditional feel of barbering. When I graduated from barbering school 10+ years ago, The Wahls 5 Star Seniors were the first brand of clippers I bought and still have them to this day! Quality man, you just can’t beat it!

#7 Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

The most significant advantage to the Oster Fast Feeds has to be the variety in guards and how this Clipper performs while cutting thick or wet hair.

The Fast Feed Clipper comes with the 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ guard. The way this Clipper was made was to capture as much hair between the teeth of the blade as possible, preferably in one stroke. Inside the Oster Fast Feed Pivot Motor Clippers are; a small cleaning brush and clipper oil to help the blade glide smoothly. Staying up-to-date on the maintenance of your Clipper’s blades will play a significant role when it comes to the longevity of the Clipper’s life.

Remember to always keep your clippers sanitized and free of hair after doing the haircutting service. Here’s a Tremendous Sanitizing Spray I highly recommend using. This disinfecting spray is less damaging to the clipper blades while preventing rust and erosion. These clippers are rather heavy when it comes to the handling aspect. Although the engine is as strong as an ox, these bulky work-horses will quickly become tiresome after a long day.

The Oster Fast Feed Clipper uses a “Pivot Motor,” which is best when it comes to cutting wet or curly hair. The reason being is that pivot motors cut at a slower speed than most other clippers. The cutting power behind this Clipper is fantastic! The best way to explain this is to imagine a slow-moving tank; although it’s slow, it’s really putting in the work. Another good addition to these clippers is the motor being tranquil heavy vibrations can be problematic when it comes to the detail work but thankfully, you get the best of both worlds with these clippers, making them an excellent clipper to have at your workstation, especially when it comes to tackling thick and curly hair.

#8 Wahl Detailer Trimmer (Cordless)

The Wahl Detailer Trimmer is a quality device used by professional barbers All around the world. Quickly set the blade’s edge using the 0 gap tool and promptly start doing design and linework.

The Wahl Detailer trimmers are in the featherweight division when it comes to outliners. But don’t let that fool you; this trimmer is ideal for creating some of the best works of art on your client’s head. Many professionals prefer this hard-hitting rotary motor over many other trimmers.

This is because the Wahl Detailer Trimmer is the easiest to start using as a beginning barber and a veteran. Using this trimmer will bring crispy-looking results quickly and efficiently. The Wahl Detailer trimmer comes with a T-Blade which is excellent for “tattooing” the hair designs. The reason this is called a “T” blade is that the blade itself “extends” out further from each corner, allowing the barber to use the corners to come in close for precision line ups or detailing. This makes it great for working around the head, ears, and neckline with ease and accuracy. Most barbers use this tool in sequence with the straight razor; using the trimmer will help create a strong foundation for your design workflow.

After establishing the guidelines, you would go back through the design you started with the trimmer and clean up any extra hair to make the artwork pop using the razor! This Clipper weighs in at 6.9oz and has a length of 5 inches; unfortunately, this only comes as a corded unit, with an 8ft chemical resistant cord, running on 120V-60HZ of power. Here’s what to expect in the kit for the Wahl Detailer Trimmer; 3 t-blade guards, pro set tool, trimmer oil, small cleaning brush, operating instructions, and red blade guard. Recently the Wahl company has made a cordless version of the same Wahl detailer trimmers!

#9 Babyliss FX Trimmer

The cordless Babyliss Gold FX trimmer or “Skeleton Trimmer” is similar to its clipper counterpart, being that it’s also made with a Ferrari engine design. Quickly giving your outlines and trims a boost using this highly flexible barber trimmer!

With a titanium adjustable zero-gap T-blade. Get the control you’re looking for being about to hit at every angle while performing your outlining service. Tweaked at the factory, the Babyliss Gold FX Trimmer comes pre-set with a high-torque brushless Ferrari-designed engine. Power & quality is the heart behind this machine. The Babyliss trimmer is housed in all metal with a barbell grip to prevent slipping and easier handling. Max out your cutting time; this trimmer comes with a lithium-ion battery that will last up to 2 hours on a single charge. This Clipper comes with a power cord; although optional, this trimmer runs just as strong without the line. Enjoy additional strength with Dual voltage power, putting the final nail in the coffin, making this model trimmer the best in the industry in terms of quality, durability, and strength.

What Clipper Or Trimmer Works Best For Me?

Big And Bulky Clippers:

However, when it comes to finding the suitable Clipper for your personality, you need to ask yourself what you are looking for in a clipper. Some clippers are heavy and bulky but can severely cut the hell out of some hair; using clippers like these tends to overheat and can burn your hand after using it for long periods. They make Clipper Sleeves to help maintain a solid grip and a rubber surface to prevent heat exposure, which was pretty high considering the brutal alternative. That’s a big thumbs up and pat on the back to the barbering industry for that!

Lightweight Clippers:

Let’s dive into the lightweight clippers for a minute. However, the industry is forever expanding and creating more innovative ways to give lightweight clippers the same cutting power as their heavier counterpart. Many barbers prefer sacrificing their inherent strength to add more balance to the hair cutting experience as a whole. Remember, heavy clippers aren’t bulky for no good reason; they have larger motors to help guide the blades when it comes to cutting thicker or coarse hair types. If you look closely at your barber’s workstations, you may notice some barbers have a variety of different clippers to make sure they can cut every type of hair, from thick to thin, without having to worry about not having the tool for the job!

Corded Or Cordless, Which One Is Better?

The apparent difference between these two options is the cord being attached to the clipper itself; nowadays, the industry has developed some tremendous cordless clippers with the same cutting potential as a corded clipper. The only downside to a cordless clipper is having the hassle of remembering to keep it on its charger. However, thanks to tomb45 and their cordless self-charging mat, or wahl’s base charging system you can lay your cordless clippers on top of the mat’s surface or use the base to maintain a charge all day.

So, which is better? this entirely depends on how you prefer cutting hair as a barber. If you choose to pick up your clippers and just start going to town when doing a haircut without worrying about your batteries are getting low, they get yourself a pair of corded clippers. If not, the cordless clippers are unique in their own right. they can be better for the barber that needs a space to be flexible and offer your workstation more functionality overall. Not having to worry about tangled cords dangling around your feet Is a huge seller factor for many barbers. Our suggestion is if your going to use cordless clippers and trimmers make sure you invest in additional charging stations and bases in order to alternate your tools throughout the day.


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