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✪ Top 8 Barber Clipper Cases [With Pictures!]

top 8 barber clipper cases

Find The Best Clipper Case For All Your Barbering Needs!

These are the Top Clippers cases for professional barbers around the world. Designed to fit & storage a variety of different models. You will find the perfect case to house your clippers and trimmers. Perfect for traveling or making potential house calls! Here’s a list of all the best clipper cases you’ll find online!

Table Of Contents:

  • Caseling Single Clipper Case.
  • Vincent Extending Clipper Case.
  • Gold Trimmed Black Case.
  • Customizable Foam Case.
  • Electric Shaver Mini Case.
  • Classic Barber Case.
  • Clipper Keeper DX2 Case.
  • Large Aluminum Foam Case.

Barber Rated:

#1 Caseling Single Clipper Holder:

Being a traveling barber myself, I find that this case is great when it comes to a quick pack up and go type of job. Especially if we’re planning a video shoot in a remote location. Carrying a big bulky case is great if you’re planning on making hair cutting an all-day event at the next barber con, although these mini-cases do a great job for easy maintenance and saving space on the go!

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I would recommend just 1-2 of these types of cases, any more would be a waste of money. The overall quality is on point, and unless you’re planning on throwing these off a building these cases are made to last!

Multiple Layer Protection:

Using multiple layers infused with a .5″ thick inner lining giving your beloved clippers some much-added protection. They made sure not to overcrowd the inner casing, which is a great move on their end giving you plenty of space to add a few guards and your charging cord.

The inner lining is made-up of contoured foam, to prevent your clippers from bouncing around and sliding about, the soft texture keeps your clippers from grinding along the inside of the case.

I have to say they did a great job thinking about the clippers, I’ve had my share of crappy cases and I made it a mission to find the best ones for this article.

Zipper & Strap:

The outside of this casing comes with a durable 360 zipper enclosure and hand strap for more handling control. Not that the hand strap is an outstanding selling feature or anything special. But it’s nice to have when you’re trying to catch a flight and your running out of finger space to carry any more carriers!

Universal Clipper Storage:

This casing is the perfect fit for most clippers with the same measurements as the Wahl magic clips. this includes the Andis fade masters and Wahl 5 star seniors too. Okay, now that’s exactly why I bought these “bad boys” in the first place. The fact this clipper case is universal is definitely a pro.

Plenty Of Space:

You can fit your guards, power cord supply along with a few other accessories as well. This single clipper hard case is minimal and functional for any professional barber. 

If your planning on joining in on the #cutanywhere challenge on social media, this case is perfect for the outdoors, hiking and beach trips. Bring your talent with you everywhere you go! 

 What are the dimensions of this case?

10.8″ x 3.5″ x 3.8″

 How Much Does This Case Weigh?


Barbers Rated:

#2 Vincent Extending Clipper Case:

This case is great for traveling to barbering events and battles. Easily add up to 5 clippers, an electric razor, shears, straight razor, and your guards. I really enjoy the swivel extension that pops out of this case for better control and maneuvering.

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Multi-layered Plus Holding Pocket.

There is a foam inner holder for your combs, guards and razor blades for your straight razor. I was worried at first if this case was going to be as good as the images look, you know how deceiving some people can be…Well, everything checked out! 

There were a few things I’ll list below, but overall it was worth the extra bit of cash spent.

Manageable & Easy To Use.

The main clipper holder folds up and locks in place (fairly durable but gets the job done) There are small cutouts at the bottom of each clipper holding section, allowing for the cords to pass through easily which is great. 

I’ve bought a few clipper holder treys in the past. I was annoyed back then because they didn’t have the cutouts, forcing your clippers to sit awkwardly in their holders. Thankfully this case & clipper holder has the best of both worlds.

 Added Protection.

The Vincent master case is heavy-duty and comes with a lock and key for extra added protection from anyone trying to steal your goods. If your a professional barbering looking for a great case to house all of your items this is a must-have for easy travel and quick setup! 

Cons Of The Case.

Cleaning out this case is a bit of a hassle, but if your barbershop has an air-hose system than blowing out any extra hair from the crevasses isn’t too hard to do. If not, It might be a bit less sanitary to keep unwanted hair trapped in between the inner corners of the case.

 What is the weight of this case? 

 11lbs empty.

 Does this case come with a strap to carry it with?

 No. Although it does come with a handle for easy traveling.

Barbers Rated:

#3 Gold Trim Black Clipper Case:

Okay, this case probably has the best exterior visual aspect out of most of the large-scale cases we have in this line-up. The gold trim mixed with the “egg-shell” black case screams “High-Class!”

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This case was made with professional barbers in mind, the casing is made of high-density fiberboard with reinforced aluminum corners for added durability. 

Uses Straps Instead Of Foam.

The inner lining has straps to hold your clipper’s safety in place during traveling. Now at first, I was turned off about the straps.

Although it takes a bit more effort to undo the straps, each time you want to take your clippers and trimmers out. The straps are great for keeping those clippers on lock-down. Perhaps better than some quality cases you can find on amazon.

Pros & Cons.

What it lacks in functionality it makes up for it in stability and durability when traveling.

Code Security Rolling Lock.

Instead of the lock and key method when it comes to keeping your belongings safe. This professional-grade case uses a coded lock design with a security number to assure protection.

How Much Does This Case Weigh?

This case weighs 7.5lbs (empty). 

Does The Large Strap Come With This Case?

Yes! this case does come with a satchel carrying strap, unlike most some other cases. If that strap doesn’t work, It does come with an easy to grip handle to help carry your case if you prefer the old fashion way!

What are the exact dimensions of this case?

22 x 3.9 x 10.6 inches

Does The Lid Come Off? 

No, the lid does not come off.

Can Smaller Trimmers Like The “Andis slimline pro” Fit In The Strap?

Absolutely! The straps work for every clipper & trimmer on the market.

Barbers Rated:

#4 Full Customization Foam Case:

This case is suited for housing three types of professional barbering tools; one finisher, one trimmer and one large clipper with enough room to store all the cords comfortably. 

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Pros & Cons.

This case is fantastic for storing your best clippers and trimmers, the only downside to this case is that it’s not capable of carrying a lot of equipment. Although, the equipment it will hold is going to be your most prized barbering possessions.

Exterior Of The Case.

The casing is made of blow-mold composite plastic allowing for the exterior of the case to handle blunt force drops, dings, and high impact situations. Great for the clumsy barber!

Type Of Layer Protection.

The inner lining of this casing is made up of a tri-layer solid ester foam .4 of an inch thick at the bottom, a 2.25-inch thick middle layer and .75″ on the interior of the lid. Adding up to three compartments in total for your clippers and trimmers. 

The top layer found in the lid is made of “Egg-crate” foam to form a highly protective insulation around your clippers. This case goes the extra mile when it comes to holding your clippers and trimmers in place.

Plenty Of Storage For 3 Clippers/Trimmers.

Capable of holding additional blades, combs, chargers and various other barbering supplies. This usage of space will be determined by how you plan on filling the case within reason.

What Are The Exterior Dimensions Of This Barbering Case?

16.5” x 12.0” x 3.75”

What Are The Interior Dimensions Of The Case?

14.5” x 7.5” x 2.75”

Can I Customize The Inner Foam To Fit My Needs?

Yes! The inner foam layer is already pre-cut allowing for you to use your space as you see fit.

Brabers Rated:

#5 Aproca Electric Shaver Mini Case:

This case provides enough space for one electric shaver, cleaning brush, and charging cord. This EVA durable, semi-waterproof case is ideal for shaving on the go!

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Positive Reviews!

This case has revived a lot of great feedback when it comes to durability and usability. Again this electric shaver case only fits one single shaver in its casing. Normally people don’t like to overdo it when it comes time to pack up for their vacations or events.

Handle Strap.

The strap handle sown into this electric shaver casing is heavy-duty and makes carrying the shaver easy. Most of the time I slide my shoulder strap from one of my other barber cases through it and attach them together when I travel for easy maneuvering in trains and airplane flights. 

Final Thoughts.

There has always been a soft spot in my heart for small cases and quick minimal functionality I find with this little guy. The zipper is easy to use, it doesn’t snag or pull. Very well made case all together it’s definitely worth two thumbs up!

Does This Case Only Come In Black?

No. You can choose between black and grey.

How Much Does This Case Weigh? (Empty)

This item weighs 4.8 ounces 

What Are The Dimensions Of This Case?

6.4 x 3.3 x 2.3 inches

Barbers Rated:

#6 Classic Barber Traveling Case:

You probably remember seeing this aluminum storage case from barbering school. Although this was a class-room “Must Have” at one time in your early barbering career, it turns out that this case is still one of the best long-lasting cases you can buy!

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Best When It Comes To Customization.

The prime features of this case are the way you can customize its inner paneling. Finding a barbering case is rather easy to do, but finding one that can fit just about any storage situation is a bit tricky. 

Plenty Of Storage.

The interior of his case comes with a removable inner panel that can be used to house; straight razors, thinning shears, cutting shears and color pencils for those off the wall design concepts you love so much!

But Wait There’s More!

This barber case comes with two sets of keys, a hard plastic handle and a large shoulder strap for easy movability. The textured aluminum case is resistant to rust, erosion, and tarnishing. Very light-weight considering its vast setup capabilities and heavy-duty exterior.

The Problem With This Case.

The only con I have for this aluminum case would have to be the cleanup, being that this case can carry so many hair related supplies. This tends to make this case a “Hair Trap” and a bit of a monster to clean out if you’re not using the air hose setup at your barbershop.

Again, It’s not that much of a takeaway. Perhaps investing in a small cleaning brush could be beneficial for you.

Final Thoughts.

When it comes to a “Traveling Case” this is a top contender. This might be one of the biggest and bulkiest out of all the cases in our line-up. thankfully, that doesn’t take away anything from the quality and maximum storage this barbering case has to offer.

Whether you’re just starting out as a barber or a professional this case is a must-have to store all your equipment. I would highly recommend this case for anyone in the hair cutting industry!

How Much Does This Aluminum Case Weigh?


How Deep Is The Lid?

The lid is 2″ deep.

How Deep Is The Bottom Of The Case?

3.5″ Deep.


Barbers Rated:

#7 Clipper Keeper DX2:

The clipper keeper dx2 is great for setting up a workable barbering station on the go for mobile usage and light traveling. Although this case isn’t the best for tightly securing your belongings, it’s a great case for setting up to perform haircuts. A lot of professional barbers really enjoy this case because of the cutouts allowing the clippers to rest in comfort within each individual holder.

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The Type Of Case:

This casing is made with semi waterproofing and corrosion-resistant aluminum paneling. The panels are easy to remove for proper cleaning and sanitation. 

The Mirror:

On the inside of the lid, there is a mirror for your clients to see the haircut. This mirror is removable and makes it great for saving space having to carry a larger hand mirror. This minimalistic case makes traveling setup easy and efficient.

Storage Capacity:

This clipper case can hold up to 6 large clippers, this includes all model types such as; Andis, Wahl, Oster & Babyliss Clippers and Trimmers. 

What Are The Interior Dimensions Of The Case?

21in x 10in x 3in

I’m Looking For A Great Barber Case Is This Worth It?

This case is great, although the biggest complaint is it doesn’t have straps or anything to hold your clippers in place during actual traveling. If you’re planning to go short distances you should be fine. Otherwise, your clippers may shuffle around in the case. Other than that the case itself is heavy-duty, sturdy and the setup for performing haircuts at shows, events and expos are on point!

Barbers Rated:

#8 Large Aluminum Foam Case:

Similar to the “Foam Customization Case” this case is much larger and can support a variety of clippers and trimmers. I highly recommend this case because it can be used for just about anything. The ability to remove and reshape the foam inserts make this case one of the best on the market!

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The Case Material:

The top lid and bottom housing are made of premium ABS panels, a large aluminum frame to add strength to the overall design, the corner is made of stronger steel for extra durability.

What Are The Dimensions On The Exterior?

8.9”x 13.97” x 5.7” (488*355*145mm)

What Are The Dimensions On The Interior?

18.1” x 13.4” x 5.1” (465*340*130mm)

Fully Customize The Foam Insert:

This portable toolbox has the DIY foam insert to easily create a variety of combinations for storing your clippers and trimmers.

Security Locks:

This aluminum carrying case has the hinges that keep it secure along with a security 3 digit pin rolling lock system. 

Heavy Duty & Durable:

This aluminum hard case has a large aluminum frame construction, with extra layers at each corner. Securing all your is a big deal, this case can handle a few big falls and dings.

Rubber Guards:

This case uses rubber guards, on the sides and along the bottom of the clipper case. This is so the case can be set vertically or flat on the ground protecting the aluminum housing and preventing damage and scratches.


Upgrading the way you travel and cut hair as a barber is huge! We hope that these clipper cases where exactly what you were looking for in a reliable product. Barber cases have always been great investment and will last you along time if you take care of it. Being able to conveniently bring all your barber clippers, trimmers and accessories in a portable and safe unit is a big deal! barbering is our livelihood and should always be first priority when it come to protecting our investments. 

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